Deep Brain Stimulation Devices Market Detailed Analysis Report

The Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) devices are used to treat numerous neurological and psychiatric disorders. The electrodes are implanted into deep brain stimulation by varying numerous parameters such as pulse width, voltage, and frequency. These devices are showing significant clinical potential in therapeutic effect for treatment of hard-to-manage movement disorders due to malfunctioning of pathological circuits in the brain.

Researchers investigating the physiological etiology behind brain dysfunction are also creating a substantial demand for the global deep brain stimulation market. Deep brain stimulation devices are prominently being used to regulate motor functions in patients with Parkinson’s disease (PD). The use of deep brain stimulation devices for the treatment of multiple sclerosis and dystonia is creating progressive opportunities for the development of the global market. The advancements in neuroscience are leading to a rise in the adoption of deep brain stimulation techniques for a wide range of disorders including essential tremors, dystonia, epilepsy, pain management, and obsessive compulsive disorder.

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Some of the key insights about the global deep brain stimulation devices market are given below:

  • The global deep brain stimulation devices market has five key regions viz. Europe, Latin America, North America, Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific that provide us with a better understanding of its working dynamics. Currently, the market is expected to be dominated by Europe and the North America region as they are leading the market through innovation and acquisition of new products and their approvals respectively. Additionally, the prevalence of movement disorders in the geriatric population is positively influencing the advancement of this market.
  • Prominent companies such as Boston Scientific’s Vercise are focusing on enhancing the directional stimulation of DBS devices for targeted therapies. Several companies are catering to different improvements in the deep brain stimulation devices such as the increasing requirement for rechargeable batteries to avoid frequent replacements and the integration of wireless technology to assist neurosurgeons in adaptive stimulation.

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