Deemed Benefits of Organic Produce brings Immense Opportunities for Organic Fertilizer Market

Rapid rise in demand of organic fruits and vegetables due to their health benefits is indirectly spurring demand for organic fertilizers. Health conscious individuals in several parts of the world are now switching to organic fruits and vegetables to prevent long-term ill-effects of chemical-induced fruits and vegetables for higher crop yield.

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Rising trend of moving back to old methods of farming for the real taste of fruits and vegetables is widening the expanse of organic fertilizer market. Organic fertilizers have been used since ancient times, but were discontinued due to the low crop yield. Chemical-induced fertilizers gained popularity for high crop yield, and due to the ability to prevent infestation of crop for the production of unseasonal fruits and vegetables.

Immense government support for research and development of organic fertilizers is resulting in extra stars of growth for the organic fertilizers market. Agricultural research organizations and agricultural departments are working in tandem to develop new line of organic fertilizers to improve crop yield. Farmers and agriculturists are also involved in such initiatives to give inputs from their experience for the development of sustainable organic fertilizers. Such pursuits augur well for the growth of organic fertilizer market.

Changing Agricultural Practices to push Asia pacific at the fore

Asia Pacific is emerging as a promising region in the organic fertilizer market. Changing agricultural practices in countries such as India to serve the discerning urban consumer is creating vast opportunities for the organic fertilizer market. Several cooperatives of farmers are focused on developing sustainable organic farming practices, which in turn, is fuelling the organic fertilizer market.

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The organic fertilizer market is highly fragmented with the presence of a large number of players in the fray. Attractive advertising for the uptake of organic fertilizers is key growth strategy of players in the organic fertilizer market. Mergers and acquisitions to expand presence and to benefit from business portfolio of partnering companies is another key growth strategy of players in the organic fertilizer market.

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