Decoding the Importance of Blocking Calcium Channels to Treat Diabetes

Researchers from Sweden’s Karolinska Institutet have developed a potential treatment line for diabetes. The researchers have succeeded in defining the role of a specific calcium channel in cells that secrete insulin.  The diabetogenic action of these beta cells could help in closely understanding and treating diabetes. The researchers assert that blocking the calcium channels could help in developing a new line of treatment for diabetes. Furthermore, this method could be used for deciphering the action of insulin secretion in diabetics. PNAS scientific journal published the findings of the research in its recent edition.

Action of Insulin-Secreting Beta Cells

Calcium channels, including CAV3.1, remain stable during the secretion of insulin by beta cells across the pancreas. However, these channels become hyperactive in patients suffering from diabetes. It is unclear if the occurrence of diabetes causes the cells to become hyperactive. On the contrary, speculations about calcium cells being a cause of diabetes are also quite popular. The researchers found that excessive calcium influx, as a consequence of increased expression of CAV3.1, caused several problems. It impaired exocytotic proteins of beta cells, and prevented their genomic expression. Therefore, the ability of beta cells to secrete insulin reduces, as a consequence of unfavourable glucose levels. Therefore, the calcium channels can play an important role in controlling diabetes.

Importance of CAV3.1

Researchers state that the role of CAV3.1 in decoding the causes of diabetes has remained largely understated. The research study points to the importance of these channels in studying pathogenic mechanisms for diabetes. Furthermore, it is essential to consider CAV3.1 channel while evaluating the action of other types of cells. Several medical experts are expected to reciprocate to the research methodology followed at Karolinska Institutet. This is because new lines of treatment for diabetes are an area of interest for medical experts across the globe.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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