Decoding Growth Dynamics of Disinfection Cap Market

Over the next few years, global disinfection cap market would grow at a modest but steady rate, generating a significant number of growth opportunities for players operating in its market landscape. Additionally, experts claim that the growth would also manifest itself in the form of better market valuation.

Factors that are contributing to this growth are many and varied, impacting the market positively. The trends and drivers include increase in number of cases of hospital acquired infections or HAIs which are a challenge not just in the developing countries but also in the developed ones, and implementation of careful needle use policies. Additionally, advancement of technology is also being seen as a crucial growth factor in the global disinfection cap market.

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Used in catheter hubs to clean them and protect them while not in use, these caps act as a chemical and physical barrier between the equipment and contaminants. As chronic conditions in the world witness massive increase in incidence, it is only natural to expect a higher demand in the market for disinfection caps. It is worth noting here that even in developed countries like the United States of America (the U.S.A) the number of people suffering from a chronic illness is as high as one in every six.

Increase in incidence of cancer, for instance, is a major factor leading to higher need for parenteral nutrition. It is worth noting here that it is the second major cause of all deaths in the world. And, this situation is particularly grave in the developed regions of the world. Of the total deaths that happen due to cancer, about 70% are accounted for by middle and low income countries.

Top players in the global disinfection caps market are BD, 3M, ICU Medical, Merit Medical, and B. Braun Melsungen AG, among others.

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