Decoding Growth Dynamics of BOPET Packaging Films Market

Population across the world is more occupied with work life than ever before and this is leading to less willingness to cook and higher need to own products that might not expire quickly. This is where BOPET packaging films market comes into the picture. One of the major roles this packaging plays is that it improves shelf-life of products as these can tolerate very high temperatures. Another factor that goes in their favor is their low cost.

It is pertinent to note here that increase in fast food chains is contributing to growth in the BOPET packaging films market. Additionally, hot-served food is witnessing growing demand and this is leading to growth in demand for these products. These are also witnessing growth in demand from cosmetics and personal care industry.

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Region-wise, it is quite interesting to note here that Asia Pacific will chart a steady growth rate over the next few years owing to rapidly growing popularity of fast food, driving growth in fast food chains and creating demand for BOPET packaging films. Part of it can be attributed to evolving lifestyle, creating demand for products with longer shelf-life. Increase in disposable income is also contributing positively to this growth. Furthermore, regions such as Middle East and Africa are also set to create untapped growth opportunities.

Some of the most prominent names, operating in the vendor landscape of global BOPET packaging films market, are Toray Industries Ltd., Mitsubishi Polyester Film Inc., Dupont-Tenjin Films, SKC Films, Ester Industries Ltd., Jindal Polyfilms Ltd., Uflex Ltd., and Polyplex Corporation Limited, among others. Players are focusing upon electronic beam drying technology. This is leading to offset printing and flexography. It is quite pertinent to note here that advancement of technology will hold a prominent place in the global BOPET packaging films market over the next few years.

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