Decoding Alterations in Brain Activity Due to Years of Drumming

A new study explains the effects of prolonged drumming on the functionality of drummers’ brains. The study finds that playing drums can alter the way the left hemisphere of the brain communicates with the right. The high level of coordination required amongst all the four limbs while playing drums is a matter of attention. It is virtually impossible for non-drummers to establish such coordination without years to practice. Hence, the long-term synchronous activity of the limbs is believed to generate an impact on the brain. It is common for normal individuals to perform motor tasks with their hands. However, only few individuals can perform motor tasks with the same efficiency with both hands.

The study conducted by researchers from Ruhr-Universität and Bergmannsheil University Clinic. It was published in the Brain and Behavior Journal.

 Analyzing the Research Sample

 The researchers investigated the changes in brain communication associated with drumming. Furthermore, scientists studied a sample of 20 professional drummers with over 17 years of experience. These drummers had an average practice schedule of 10.5 hours in a week. Besides, the study also involved 24 individuals as control subjects who had no experience in drumming. In addition, this involved use of MRI scans to study and analyse the response of the brain in drummers and non-drummers.

 White Matter of the Brain

 Meanwhile, previous studies established changes in brain activity as a consequence of playing musical instruments. The focus of these studies is to decode the action of the cortical gray matter of the brain. This region is concerned with speech, memory, decision-making, and perception. In the new study, the researchers focused more on white matter in the brain. It is a form of information powerhouse for the brain. The researchers found that the corpus callosum tract in the white matter region plays an important part in brain communication.

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