Declining Fertility rate Worldwide Creates Increased Demand in Fertility Test Market

Declining global fertility rate along with increase in the average age for the first time pregnancy is instigating high rate of growth in the global fertility test market. Other stimulators for the development of the market include growing number of women suffering from PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome) and breakthroughs in medical technologies pertaining to IUI and IVF. However, unreliable or less precise nature of certain ovulation testing kits and high cost associated with fertility testing solutions may hinder the growth of global fertility test market in coming years.

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Key players operating within the global fertility test market are Prestige Brands holdings, AdvoCare Pharma, AVA, Fertility Focus Ltd., Babystart, Valley Electronics, Fairhaven Health, LLC, Swiss Precision Diagnostics, Geratherm Medical, UEBE Medical, Mira Care, Hilin Life Products, Church & Dwight, TaiDoc Technology Corporation, and Quidel Corporation. Players in the global fertility test market are participating in research and development activities as well as mergers and joint ventures to expand their product portfolio and acquire a powerful position in the industry. For example, a company called ‘Ovusense’ has partnered up with another company operating within the global fertility test market called ‘Exseed’ in February of 2021. Together, these two companies aim at providing a complete fertility testing solution for couples. They provide their customers with daily insights and offer clinically tested and efficient medical monitoring facilities.

North America region is anticipated to account for largest share in the global fertility test market in coming years. This projection is owing to the rising awareness in the regional population regarding about the fertility testing, easy access to fertility monitors, and increase in the average age of the first time pregnancy. Another region anticipated to perform well in the global fertility test market in near future is Asia Pacific. Asia Pacific region is expected to drive increased demand in the global fertility test market owing to rising demand for fast and self-contained pregnancy tests, increasing investments in medical and healthcare industry in the region, and increasing number of couples opting for surrogacy or IVF options.

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