COVID-19 Vaccine Development Extends an Olive Branch for Growth of Biomarkers Market

Biomarkers are vital for identifying diseases in the human body. They are vital to the healthcare sector. The use of biomarkers in drug development also plays a vital role in the discovery of various drugs and vaccines necessary for curing a specific disease or disorder. Thus, the biomarkers market will bank greatly on this aspect across the forecast period of 2017-2025. The research and development activities for identifying certain biomarkers to provide insights in the discovery of new treatments will further bode well for multiplying the growth of biomarkers market.

Analysts are predicting a good growth rate across the forecast period owing to the various ongoing drug developments across the world and the widespread awareness about personalized medical care around the world. The use of blood samples for diagnosing whether an individual had a heart attack or not is a classic example highlighting the importance of biomarkers in the medical sector.

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Biomarkers Proving To Be Helpful For SARS-Cov-2 Treatment

As the battle with the new coronavirus gets tougher day by day, efficient treatment to cure COVID-19 is the need of the hour. For this, the identification of biomarkers is necessary. The massive use of biomarkers as diagnostic tools in the new coronavirus vaccine trials is serving as the knight in shining armor for the growth of the biomarkers market. The major biomarkers used in clinical trials of COVID-19 are Coronavirus Nucleic Acid, Lymphocytes, SARS-CoV-2 RNA, and C-reactive protein. Biomarkers are also being used for determining the ideal drugs for treating COVID-19 patients, an essential factor to decrease the COVID-19 fatality rate worldwide. These aspects can bring good growth opportunities for the biomarkers market.

University of Melbourne researchers are gaining insights on how the immune system responds to the new coronavirus infection, which could be vital for vaccine research. B and T cell immune responses to coronavirus spike protein can act as helpful biomarkers for vaccine assessment in upcoming trials. Such developments may prove as growth generators for the biomarkers market.

The establishment of joint research initiatives to find biomarkers for COVID-19 can further promise good growth for the biomarkers market. For instance, the COVID-19 Spectrometry Coalition (COVID-19-MSC) consists of more than 500 scientists to research on biomarkers to analyze how an infected patient will respond to SARS-CoV-2, eventually leading to the discovery of new COVID-19 treatments.

Technological Advancements to Aid Biomarkers Market Growth

Various innovations in technology for blending biomarkers with drug development for different disorders and diseases are benefitting the biomarkers market greatly. Biomarkers can be used for treating various neurological disorders by tracking of the brain through biomolecules analysis. In addition, other developments such as biomarker signatures have the potential of inviting good growth opportunities for the biomarkers market.

Frequent merger and acquisition activities are turning the tables for the biomarkers market. Being a highly fragmented market, such activities help the key players cement their position more firmly in the biomarkers market. Key players in the biomarkers market are Enzo Biochem Inc., Biosims Technologies, Signosis Inc., and Perkinelmer, Inc.

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North America may acquire a major chunk of growth for the biomarkers market. The U.S. is a leading country in the development of a potential vaccine. This will eventually lead to large-scale use of biomarkers, thus serving as a growth multiplier for the biomarkers market. Besides, growing demand for biomarkers across numerous industrial sectors in the region may propel the growth rate of the biomarkers market. Asia Pacific may also serve as a good growth contributor owing to the rising research and development activities revolving around the COVID-19 vaccine and increased outsourcing of pharmaceutical research and development activities.

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