COVID-19 Social Distancing Norms Drive Prospects in Contactless Biometrics Technology Market

Contactless biometrics have seen an increasing prospect in various authentication applications. In the recently emerging Covid 9 pandemic, they attracted a groundswell of attention of avoiding contacts and prevent viral transmissions. The airports of some of the developed economies have already been making substantial use of contactless biometrics technology for identification, prevention of terrorist activities and their nefarious motives. In recent months, social distancing norms spurred their use in general populace. The rapid adoption of such technologies in remote and commercial users has boosted the growth of the Contactless biometrics market.

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The increasing trend of work-from-home among employees of private and government establishments in several regions has spurred the demand for contactless biometrics technology. Technology developers are aiming at constantly expanding their product portfolio to meet the emerging demand for consumers. The key focus areas are simplicity of use, high reliability, and remote use. A growing number of vendors are attracting institutional buyers with advanced features.

AI Integration to Unlock New Technological Avenues

Growing prospects of automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) technologies in the ecommerce and aviation industries will continue propel revenue generation in the contactless biometrics technology market. Another area that can be source of next-gen revenues is the BFSI industry. Integration of artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to open new avenues for manufactures and vendors in the market, especially in developed markets. Such technological advancements enable device manufacturers meet specialized needs of end users.

In the coming years, a whole array of biometrics will see their use in reliably offering authentication. Smartphone makers have hit new revenue streams with the growing demand prospects of facial recognition technologies. Focus on user experience will pace way to technological advancements.

Some of the key regional markets are North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Well-entrenches players in the contactless biometrics technology market are Aware Inc., Fingerprint Cards AB,  Fujitsu Limited, Gemalto N.V., HID Global, and NEC Corporation,

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