Cosmetic and Perfume Glass Packaging Market Detailed Analysis and Forecast by 2030

Cosmetics packaging is making continuous strides on the back of the changing consumer requirements and the increasing focus on sustainability of the packaging material. Glass packaging is emerging as the sustainable packaging for wide range of personal care products including perfumes. Prominent regional packaging companies are keen on utilizing post-consumer recycled (PCR) to up their sustainability quotient in the cosmetic and perfume glass packaging market.

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A large number of cosmetic and perfume bottles are made with recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rpet) due to its recyclability. Post-consumer recycled materials are used to reduce GHC emissions and reduce the overall carbon footprint in the cosmetic and perfume glass packaging market.

Rise in Popularity of Hypoallergenic Perfumes and Cosmetics Boosts Demand

Over the years, hypoallergenic perfumes and cosmetics have gathered steam among consumers and in developed markets they have become ubiquitous. This has intensified the focus on adequate packaging type and material used. The use of packaging that can retain the integrity of skin-friendly ingredients in such products is attracting the attention of brands in the personal care industry.

The growing demand for perfumes whose aroma can be maintained for a long time puts the onus on the correct packaging, thereby fueling the demand in the cosmetic and perfume glass packaging market. Past few years, several key regional markets have witnessed the demand for customized solutions by the cosmetics and personal care industry. Thus, end users of packaging businesses are keen on using biomaterials and recyclable raw materials. Subsequently, PCR plastics manufacturing units are growing in numbers. Ongoing research in high-quality glass materials will likely expand the avenue for industry players. Demand for new fragrances is also boosting the prospects of the market.

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Some of the key players in the cosmetic and perfume glass packaging market are Rise Cosmetic Packaging Co., Ltd., Continental Bottle Co. Limited, Stölzle Glass Group, Premi spa, Fusion Packaging, HCP Packaging, and Verescence France SASU.

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