Cookie Dough Market -Companies Leaning on Enhancing the Nutritional Profile of Cookie Dough to Attract Consumers

Cookie dough is being extensively used in preparation of desserts. Desserts containing a variety of cookie dough are marketed in various flavors. Strides being made by snacking industry has imparted a marked momentum to the expansion of the cookie dough market. When cookie dough is prepared at home, some of the more common ingredients used are flour, butter, white sugar, salt, vanilla extract, and eggs.

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Consumers have developed a unique taste of some of the cookie dough types such as chocolate chip cookies. Growing demand for confectionaries at households is boosting the prospects of the cookie dough market. Stakeholders are trying to build a wide customer base by steadily unveiling a variety of flavors. The advent of gluten-free varieties has shaped a new growth trajectory for the cookie dough market. Growing demand in foodservice chains and restaurants has spurred the sales in the market. Of note, the use of cookie dough in ice-creams is boosting the market.

Safe-to-eat cookie dough to gain popularity

Market players are harping on increasing the nutritional value of cookie dough. They are adding ingredients such as whole wheat, multigrain, and exotic ingredients. However, a glaring concern is the health concern of some of the ingredients used. The presence of raw eggs is a case in point. Since this may contains salmonella bacteria which may lead to health problems, though the incidence is fairly rare. The presence of raw flour is another instance that may distract some consumers.

Nevertheless, discerning consumers are getting attracted to safe-to-eat cookie dough. For instance, cookie dough with heat-sterilized flour and bereft of eggs have gathered huge stream, adding momentum to the opportunities in the cookie dough market. Changing food habits of people in the developing world has spurred the popularity of desserts containing cookie dough.

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Some of the key companies in the cookie dough market are Annie’s Homegrown, Hersheys, Kelloggs, Lance, Pillsbury, Oreo, and Cappello.

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