Controlling Arrhythmia to Prevent Sudden Death due to Heart Failure

Heart Failure

A large population of people suffer from heart problems that can aggravate into sudden heart failure. Meanwhile, 50% of all people who die from heart problems experience sudden onset of heart rhythmic problem. Disturbance in the heart’s electrical rhythm problem is known as arrythmia. The electrical rhythm of the heart is also closely related to contraction of heart cells responsible for pumping blood. However, researchers have struggled to understand the onset of sudden disturbances in electrical rhythms that cause abrupt heart failure.

 A research conducted at the University of Bristol finds potential pathways of preventing sudden heart failure. The Medical Research Council (MRC) funded the research that is published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) journal.

 Change in Voltage

 The researchers assert that varying the time for voltage change can help in preventing fatal electrical disturbances. Besides, changing the time course can also help towards improving the cardiac contraction of the heart.

Cardiac arrhythmias occur due to early after-depolarizations (EADs) at the cellular level. However, the cause of heart failure after the occurrence of arrythmia remains unknown. The researchers find that a sodium-calcium exchange in the heart muscle can oppose the action of EADs. This can in turn help in reducing the risk of sudden heart failure in individuals.

 Release of Ca2+

The researchers assert that the prime focus of cardiologists should be on improving the release of Ca2+. Release of Ca2+ can help in restoring repolarisation of AP phase-1. The researchers suggest a completely different approach to tackle heart arrythmia that can cause sudden heart failure. The findings of the research shall compel scientists to test new lines of drugs. The relevance of preventing heart failure in cardiology is behind the growing popularity of the research.

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