Controlled Release Fertilizers Market on back of Rise in Population and Depletion of Arable Land

The efficiency of agricultural production is an important factor that shapes human impact on biodiversity and nearby by habitat. Hence controlled release fertilizers are foreseen as an important aspect to boost cultivation. This is a key factor behind the development and growth of the global controlled release fertilizers. Unlike commodity fertilizers, controlled release fertilizers is known for its flexibility to provide essential nutrients, or micronutrients to different crop yield. Some of the other factors likely to boost controlled release fertilizers market are discussed as below-

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• Alarming increasing of population across world is one factor that has forced food and beverage manufacturers to tune up their production rate. In order to cater increasing demand, farmers are relying on controlled release fertilizers to increase their yield. Along with this, agricultural lands are being cornered rapidly, this is making production rate wither. This has increased the demand for controlled release fertilizer market.

• In addition to this, rise in export quality requirements for agricultural products on international level has increased adoption of controlled release fertilizer. This is likely to drive the demand for controlled-release fertilizers among farmers in the near future.

• Technological advancement in field of controlled release fertilizer have contributed to the growth of the global controlled release fertilizers. For instance, introduction of nanotechnology holds significant potential in the development of controlled release fertilizers market. This is because it prevent release of substances that have negative environmental impacts.

• Key manufacturer are focusing on product launches to strengthen their market position in the global controlled release fertilizer marker. For instance, recently Bio-on has announced launch of a revolutionary technology called U-Coat, for controlled release fertilizers. The technology is based on a 100% biodegradable and natural PHAs bioplastics, and enable more effective dose and efficient fertilizer consumption.

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