Consuming Sugar-sweetened Beverage Leads to Chronic Kidney Disease

The clinical journal of the American Society of Nephrology recently published the negative health consequences associated with the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages. The study found out that high intake of sweetened fruit drinks, water, and soda elevates the risk of developing chronic kidney diseases (CKD).

To gain more clarity on the fact, researchers are carrying out experiments on African-American men and women with normal kidney functions. They are majorly focusing on health implications linked with a wide range of beverage options available in the market. The types and patterns of beverages consumption related to kidney disease risks are yet to be explored.

Researchers Found out Water Intake to be escalated the risk of CKD

A study on beverage intake through a food frequency process, which was carried out in 3003 participants revealed 6% CKD development over a follow-up of 8 years. After an in-depth research, researchers have concluded that the consumption of a beverage pattern that consists of sweetened soda, fruit drinks, or even water, boosts the risk of kidney diseases.

The chance of developing CKD linked with a high intake of different water types, including sweetened and flavored water, has completely baffled the researchers. This study could make them gain more knowledge about the specific brands or types of bottled water associated with CKD.

A Ph.D. student of Loyola University Chicago stated that the findings can have strong impacts on public health. Few cities from the U.S have taken the initiative towards lowering consumption of SSB (sugar sweetened beverage) via taxation. This approach is expected to reduce prevalence of kidney diseases in the near future.

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