Consuming Painkillers with Other Drugs to Increase Risk of Stroke

Consuming mild painkillers on regularly without doctor’s advice is quite common. . A painkiller, acetaminophen (also known as Tylenol) is widely used among people. Almost after 60 years of existence, it has become a household product today. The widespread use of acetaminophen has resulted in overdoses of acetaminophen. It can also lead to drug-induced liver failure. Therefore, a team of researchers planned to study the safe use of acetaminophen in a nursing home. In this research, the team focused on exploring the relation between use of acetaminophen, major heart events, and death.

Diabetic Adults Should be Cautious While Taking Acetaminophen

Past research showed evidence where acetaminophen increased asthma when the compound interacted with other medications. Moreover, there is a risk of developing other health conditions like bone fractures, toxic kidney, or blood cancer. It is shocking that researchers have recently examined on how acetaminophen works. Further research became more crucial mainly to avoid risks associated with the use of acetaminophen.

Another significant issue considered is to understand the effects of medication because our bodies react differently to these treatments with age. Changes in body composition, increased fat tissue, and reducing muscle mass are some common phenomenon of aging. Older people take several medications and can have multiple chronic conditions. Owing to these facts, there are higher chances of risk of an unwanted reaction to a medication.

In this study, researchers used different questionnaires derived from the IQUARE study and completed it online through nursing home staffers. They focused on strokes, heart attacks, and deaths that took place in the 18 months. After completing the examination, researchers concluded that acetaminophen had no effect on heart attacks. And there was no increase in overall deaths. However, participants who had diabetes had a slightly higher risk of stroke consuming acetaminophen.

Researchers deduced that acetaminophen is safe to use for pain management in older adults. However, diabetic adults should be cautious while consuming this medicine.

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