Construction Volumes to Underscore Growth in Technical Textiles Market

Used extensively in automotive applications, the technical textiles products are set to witness notable growth over the coming few years. These are used in reinforcement of embankments in the form of geotextiles and in implants in the form of medical textiles. These are also finding use in agriculture in crop protection applications. Some of the commonly used materials are Nomex, Modal, Spandex, Saran, Twaron, Vinalon, Kevlar, etc.

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TMRR notes that from 2019 to 2029, the global technical textiles market will chart a steady growth curve, owing to notable expansions anticipated in the end-use industries like industrial manufacturing, healthcare, construction, and automotive.  Physical properties that ate contributing majorly to growing adoption are durability, eco-friendliness, low weight, strength, and logistical convenience. It goes without saying that this is set to create opportunities – lucrative and ready to be tapped into.

Competitive landscape is worth being mentioned here. The fragmented market witnesses a decent number of players setting new benchmarks in the market, taking forward over the aforementioned period. Some of the notable players occupying the global technical textiles market landscape are Asahi Kasei (Japan), Kimberly Clarke (US), Berry Global Group (US), DuPont (US), Mitsui Chemicals (Japan), and Freudenberg & Co. (Germany), among others.

These players are using a host of strategies to achieve a number of growth related goals such as increase in market share, consolidation of position, and so on. Some of the commonly used strategies that the market has witnessed over the last few years include huge focus on research and development (R&D) activities, and collaborations with other players.

Regionally, the Asia Pacific (APAC) will be a lucrative market, leading growth charts of the global technical textiles market. Some of the reasons that are backing up growth in the region include growing volumes in the construction sector and increasing population across the world.

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