Construction Industry Laying Foundation for Growth in Composite Rollers Market

Over the next few years, it is believed that market for composite rollers will see tremendous increase in demand. The fact that it is used in a wide array of applications makes it quite obvious. But the biggest factors of growth the market will witness is that of growth in construction industry, where it has is used in a multitude of domains – from road construction to painting and a lot in between.

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It is worth mentioning here that growth in construction will be tremendous. As per a study conducted by PwC – called Construction 2030 – it is stated that by 2030, volumes will increase by 85%. And, these construction volumes will bring the market worth up to USD 15.5 trillion.

It does not come as a surprise considering the world is witnessing an increase in population and that means more spaces would be required as housing, civic amenities, recreational spaces and commercial centers, etc. It is noteworthy here that the population will see an additional 2 billion by 2050 – taking the current number of 7.7 billion to a 9.7 billion.

In terms of construction volumes, it is worth mentioning that 57% of the overall growth will be accounted for by India, China and the United States.

The competitive landscape of composite rollers market is fragmented and prominent players in the market include Double E Company LLC. NEPEAN Conveyors, Lorbrand Composites, Artur Küpper GmbH & Co. KG.

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Players focus on consumer needs in order to keep an edge over competitors. For instance, the need for quiet, safe and smooth rollers led Sandvik to plug in the gap by launching rollers that fit the bill. Players also pay special attention to marketing. For instance, Flexco positioned itself as a though leader by sheer marketing initiatives. It is rollers are now at the apex, popularity-wise.

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