Conductive Silicone Rubber Market to Accelerate Due to Varied Application in End-Use Industries

Conductive silicone rubbers have strong elasticity, betterment mechanical properties, and high flexibility. These are conductive compounds and hold great electrical conductance and excellent thermal. Moreover, conductive silicone rubber exhibit resistance to cold, heat, and other extreme climatic conditions. In contrast to a traditional metallic conductor, the conductive silicone rubber is extremely flexible and corrosion prone due to its high elasticity and low density. Use of conductive silicone rubber gives shielding from electrostatic discharge in electrical applications and great electromagnetic shielding effect. Various varieties of conductive fillers for example, carbon black, carbon fibers, nickel-coated graphite, and copper fibers, are utilized as reinforcement compound in conductive silicone rubbers.

What are the filliping factors helping growth of conductive silicone rubbers market?

Conductive silicone rubbers are extensively used in various end-user sectors owing to their electrical and thermal conductivity properties. The end-user industries for example, electrical, electronics, heavy industrial machineries, defense and aerospace, and automotive, witness wide utilization of conductive silicone rubber. Apart from that, conductive silicone rubber is utilized in EMI shielding gaskets, wires, cables, and electrostatic discharge (ESD) shielding applications in electronics and electrical sector. Conductive silicone rubbers are used in wave guide application and electromagnetic pulse protection. Apart from that, they are utilized in aerospace and military devices due to their electromagnetic interference shielding effects. These compounds are used in wiring harness and car engines in the automotive as well. It is utilized in automotive to find the presence of deformity. In the oil and gas industry Heavy machinery equipment are needed, which also uses conductive silicone rubbers in the form of thermal management compound. They give thermal conductance along with flexible electronic encapsulation.

Which region is anticipated to experience propelling growth in coming years?

The conductive silicone rubber market is anticipated to experience substantial growth in the forthcoming years. Moreover, the market is expected to deliver notable growth rate in coming years as well. Geographically, Asia Pacific region has ruled the conductive silicone rubber market in the past years. Improvement in economic conditions along with coupled betterment in purchasing capacity in nations for example China, South Korea, and India escalates growth of automotive and electrical and electronic industries. As a result of this the conductive silicone rubber market is likely to witness a significant growth. North America region accounted to noticeable share well, in global market, in year 2014. Advancements in various end-use industries in nations for example, Canada and the U.S. are contributing in market demand.

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Developing nations for instance India, Brazil, China, and South Africa are estimated to project a promising growth in key end-user sectors in the past few years. Owing to this, the conductive silicone rubber market is likely to experience growth in forthcoming years. KCC Corporation, Dow Corning Corporation, Momentive, Specialty Silicone Products, Inc., Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd., and Wacker Chemie AG are some of the leading companies dominating the global conductive silicone rubber market.

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