Compounds from Terrestrial Plants and Marine Environments to Shape New Research Directions in Anticancer Drugs Market

The anticancer drugs market has made some remarkable strides in the search of novel drug targets and novel compounds. The shift from cytotoxic chemotherapy to targeted cancer drug discovery is a key trend that is recently shaping the contours of the expanding horizon in anticancer drugs development.

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Over the years, terrestrial plants and marine environments are emerging as a source of novel anticancer drugs. Rapidly rising incidence of cancer is also been characterized by the rise in mortality rate, especially in the developed world. Hence, there is a pressing need for new cancer registries that are selectively toxic to cancer cells rather than normal cells such as lymphocytes and fibroblasts in target patient populations.

Need to Cost-effectively Extract Numerous Anticancer Drugs from Plant Materials

Researchers are able to cost-effectively extract numerous anticancer drugs from plant materials. The purified form is being tested on animals. Tens of thousands of compounds isolated from plants are found to show high biological activity, and there is god understanding of their pharmacological activity.

Strides in the biotech tools have helped drive progress plant-derived anticancer compounds, thereby expanding the revenue potential of the anticancer drugs market. Researchers have also benefitted from the low cost of synthesis. Of note, modification through nitroxide residue tends to increase their anticancer activity.

A number of compounds are being considered for novel drug development for boosting the development of anticancer drugs market. Some of the well-known are Catharanthus alkaloids, Viscum Album extract, Taxanes¸ Camptothecin, Combretastatin, Podophyllotoxins, Colchicine, Artesunate, Homoharrigtonine.

Extensive cytotoxicity test results have been conducted. A few when tested on mice models have shown positive results in various breast cancer cell lines. Particularly, they have found to prolong the survival rate and help in tumour remission, encouraging new developments in the anticancer drugs market.

Efforts are being made to reduce the time taken to shorten the development cycle. More research is needed to improve the yield of compounds from natural materials from of plants and organisms of aquatic origin.

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