Coming Soon: The New Audi A8, A Self Driving Luxury Sedan

Audi’s newest A8 sedan has arrived in outstanding elegance, with advanced luxury limousine and made its first appearance at the Audi Summit in Barcelona. The new Audi A8, is expected to lead the market in the coming year, and marks the introduction of the German automaker’s newest independent driving and slightly hybrid technology. Along with the new models – A4, A5, and Q5, the A8 sedan is the brand flagship sedan of the Audi models to appear over the last year.

The Look of The New Audi A8 And Its Specifications

At the premiere of ‘Spider-man: Homecoming’, a sneak peek of Audi A8 sedan was shown, and now clean appearance of the sedan’s new flat solid sheet can be seen. The new A8 is quite stylish and its elegance matches with the new generation A4, and A5 models. Audi will provide the buyers a large number of customizations inside its hood. The insides of the model consists of a high tech luxury lounge and the driver will also get an access to the in-built 4G LTE connection, sensitive touch control screens of the central console, and benefit of the level three independent driving technology.

The specifications of A8 gasoline engine has 340 hp and a 3.0 l turbocharged V6; turbo V8 with 4.0 l and 460 hp; and 585 horse power, 6.0 W12 all included in a new mildly hybrid technology with a system hp of 449, V6 with 3.0 l gasoline and an electronic drive system of 31 miles range. Pricing of A8 is not yet available and the model will arrive next year in US showrooms as 2019 model.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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