Coil Winding Machines Market to Gain Momentum from Uptake in Automotive Manufacturing

Coil winding machines are used prominently in winding coils, transformers, armatures, and stators. A range of technologies in the coil winding machines market are being employed in making transformers. Sales and deployment of large capacity transformer winding machines have spurred the growth prospects in the coil winding machines market.

Growing number of coil winding operations are used in the automotive industry. The end-use industry has become a key revenue generator in the coil winding machines market. Automatic machines equipped with AC servomotors.

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Automated Coil Winding Machines Attracting Substantial Attention

Manufacturers are always searching for new application areas to strengthen their revenue generation. In this regards, full-fledged automated coil winding machines used for stator winding have gathered steam among researchers. End-use industries looking for automated systems for coil winding operations have put their hopes high due to such research gathering traction in the coil winding machines market.

Rise in automated motor solutions for electrical and electronics industry has cemented the potential use of automated coil winding machines. Advances made in microcontrollers used in motor system have boosted the capabilities of automated coil winding machines.

Fabricators are leaning on reducing the cost of such coil winding machines to bolster the adoption rate of these in commercial applications. Research community is leaning on equipping features that enable coil winding machines to meet the customized demand in end-use industries. Examples are the use of sensors and microcontroller technologies. Over the years, development of coil winding machines have gained momentum in developing economies. The growing popularity of multi-speed machines is expanding the avenue for players in the market.

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Rise in adoption of coil winding machines in the automotive industry is evident in Asia Pacific, especially China and India. Thus the region is emerging as the new hotspot of opportunities. Rapid pace of commercialization of electric vehicles is one avenue.

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