CloudMinds Develops Smart Robots for Entertainment Platforms

Smart Robots for Entertainment

Use of humanoid robots for public events and entertainment shows is gaining popularity in recent times. These robots use facial recognition technologies to entertain astronauts, guests, and kids at events. CloudMinds Technology Inc., a renowned integrator of robotic solutions, recently developed a robot rental program. Under this program, the company shall provide humanoid robots that can be used for entertainment at major events. Meanwhile, the relevance of these robots is mostly expected for weddings, trade shows, conferences, and annual meets. For its expanded use, CloudMind’s mission is to people with operation and integration of robots. The company develops end-to-end robots, and helps the masses in integrating them across various verticals.

 Premium Features of CloudMind’s Robots

The newly developed robots are equipped with premium task ability that makes them more nimble and agile. Besides, their language processing algorithms facilitate smart interactions with the users. Moreover, the robots can process several languages that are programmed in their memory. The company revealed that the robots could ‘dance’ and perform entertaining gestures for the guests. This feature could also help brands in offering tailored experiences based on their brand styles.

 Distinct Approach by CloudMinds

 CloudMinds is revolutionizing cloud-based artificial intelligence with the development of these robots. Furthermore, the robots thrive on their ability to learn from human inputs. The founder and CEO of CloudMinds, Bill Huang, asserts that the company is integrating smart robots into the society. The company is redefining robotic technologies for providing new models for businesses and homes.

Meanwhile, CloudMinds is surging ahead in terms of innovation and customer-centricity. Additionally, the company is developing intelligent compliant services that fit into the requirements of the users. They are moving from wheeled to two-legged form robots that shall help in fostering greater utility. It would be interesting to witness the adoption rate of these robots in the years to follow

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