Cloud Solutions Promise Robust Growth for the Next Generation Non-Volatile Memory Market

According to a latest report by Assocham-Pwc, date usage is expected to grow by 73% by 2022. Assocham, or the the Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industry of India believes the penetration of high-speed internet and easy availability of smartphones is expected to drive tremendous growth for data usage. Additionally, this development is expected to drive enormous growth worldwide as implementation of smart infrastructure driven by 5G opens key commercial opportunities globally. Moreover, the development is expected to drive growth of non-volatile memories like NAND storage solutions which is rapidly emerging in the market. Massive data generation, consumption, and developments like AI, Big Data, and 3D printing on the horizon are expected to create significant opportunities for players in the next generation non-volatile memory market.

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Cloud Computing to Remain at the Forefront of Growth

Cloud computing with storage solutions are expected to drive significant growth in the next generation non-volatile memory market. Cloud computing along with need for solid-state drives is a major trend in the market with major players like Google are expected to investing heavily in the future. Other tech giants are not far behind. Recently, Oracle launched its new cloud centers in India. The technology that Oracle used is worth noting. The company said that its code for storage solutions will be in a different language as compared to data storage language used. The possibilities of data espionage were major concerns in the market. However, with solutions like these, the major cloud providers seem to be moving in new directions to allay fears for commercial applications. This is expected to create new opportunities as cloud solutions promise increased efficiency and significant reductions in operational costs for businesses. The growing adoption of cloud solutions and growth of datacenters worldwide are expected to create significant opportunities for players in the next generation non-volatile memory market.

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