Cloud Orchestration to Streamline Automation Workflows in Public and Private Cloud Deployments

The drive for cloud orchestration across teams and domains stems primarily from the need for maximizing the benefits of automation. The programming technology helps enterprises consolidate workloads on public as well as private cloud deployment by orchestrating several automated workflows. Growing popularity of self-service provisioning has reinforced the prospects of the cloud orchestration market. Adoption of cloud orchestration to facilitate cloud deployment in different geographic locations is boosting the market.

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Self-servicing Model Compelling Proposition for Adoption

There are several benefits of adopting cloud orchestration platforms. Rapid scaling, better failure recovery, and dependency management are possible through a unified process. Cloud orchestration software has the potential of speeding the delivery of complicates services and even middleware without much human intervention. The self-service model enables eliminating errors in provisioning and scaling and put forth robust security processes. The pressing need for better control over the specifics of cloud process, including their cost of deployment has bolstered the need for cloud orchestration.

Cloud automation is a subset of cloud orchestration. The later takes this one step further by acting as a coordinated link between different automation processes. Growing need for self-service mechanism in the deployment of cloud resources in big organizations is boosting the prospective demands for cloud orchestration.

In recent years, cloud orchestration is seeing increased adoption by DevOps teams. Administrators have at their disposal variety of orchestration products. The best choice is the product that helps automate workflows in accordance with budget requirements and budget constraint.  The growing use of hybrid cloud management platform in automating the delivery of cloud infrastructure is unlocking new prospects in the cloud orchestration market.

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Some of the key players operating in the global cloud orchestration market are Servicenow, Inc., Red Hat, Inc., Amazon Web Services, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company, Cisco Systems, Inc., BMC Software, and IBM Corporation.

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