Clinical Nutrition Vital to Mitigate Risk of Onset of Disease

clinical nutrition market

As per the data given by Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), almost 30 million worldwide people are suffering from diabetes, and among them 25% people are unaware of the condition. Further, 84 million adults are suffering from pre-diabetic condition and should have a healthy diet. On contrary, 90% of them are unaware of the condition.

Rise in incidence of chronic diseases including diabetes is entailing people to visit nutritionist. Rising awareness about medical nutrition therapy (MNT) is playing major role in driving global clinical nutrition market.

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Diet is one key factor that has a direct impact on the health of people as it provides nutrients to the body to fight infections and diseases. For example, cauliflower is a rich source of antioxidants and it helps in fighting infection. Consumption of yogurt strengthens the immune system, thus minimizing risk of diseases.

Nutrition Consultation Integral Process of Treatment

Registering the impact of diet on health, clinical nutrition has become an integral part of treatment. In fact, physician recommend patients to visit nutritionist after prescribing the medicine. This scenario is opening a positive prospect for the expansion of clinical nutrition market in the coming years.

 Besides, rising awareness among people pertaining to consumption of nutrient-rich food to mitigate the risk of diseases is escalating growth of clinical nutrition market.

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Adequate Amount of Nutrition Helps Overcome Clinical Malnutrition

Clinical malnutrition is a concern which requires clinical intervention. Clinical intervention involves the use of precise nutrients in medication form, rather than in the form of supplements.  The nutrition diet is calculated as per the bodily requirement of the patient. It is meant to combat the need of minerals, vitamins, and other supplements. Requirement of proper nutrition according to the need is contributing to the growth of clinical nutrition market.

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