Clean Coal Technologies Market: Efforts to reduce Carbon Footprint benefits Market

The growth clean coal technology market is driven by several environment conservation initiatives. The development of clean coal technology is the focus of several environmental agencies to reduce emissions from coal-powered thermal plants. By definition, clean coal technologies refer to environment emission reduction technologies from coal power plants using combustion or gasification process.

Despite extensive efforts in several parts of the world to tap renewable energy, coal-fired thermal plants account for large amount of energy production, especially in emerging economies. Coal-powered thermal plants dominate power generation pursuits globally, which is a key factor driving the clean technology market.

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Inherently, power generation from coal powered plants is associated with carbon footprints in the atmosphere that has negative environmental impact. The use of clean coal technologies is a means to minimize carbon emissions from coal-powered thermal plants.

Clean coal technologies offer a number of functions. This includes capture and storage of carbon, integrated gasification combined cycle, flue-gas desulfurization, low nitrogen oxide burners, electrostatic precipitators, and selective catalytic reduction.

Clean coal technologies find maximum adoption in developed countries of North America and Europe. Substantial initiatives undertaken by environmental agencies in these regions such as EPA and EIA are promoting the adoption of clean coal technologies. This is positively impacting the clean coal technologies market.

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Meanwhile, in the coming years, Asia Pacific is expected to display widespread demand for clean coal technologies. This is mainly because of government led initiatives in several countries of the region to reduce pollution from coal powered thermal plants. Not only this, coal powered thermal plants account for considerable carbon footprint that has aroused the attention of environmental agencies. This is pushing the adoption of clean coal technologies. Also, such initiatives are aiding savvy players in the clean coal technologies market to expand their customer base.

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