Chrome Introduces ‘Image-Description’ Feature for Visually Impaired Individuals


Chrome has launched a special feature for visually impaired individuals. The internet browser will provide image descriptions that could help low-vision users to understand the its aesthetics. Furthermore, blind persons who understand braille will also be able to know what is on display. Individuals who can interpret spoken words and feedback will be able to use the new feature. With this development, chrome has made a rapid stride in the domain of user-centricity. Furthermore, Google has moved a step ahead in catering to all sections of its end customers.

Solving the Problem of ‘Unlabelled Graphics’

Experts have lauded the new feature that is now available on Chrome. Individuals who depended on special readers to get feedback from images will become more independent hereon. Furthermore, problems in deciphering ‘unlabelled graphics’ can also be resolved with the new feature. A design expert pointed to the problem of ‘loss of text’ for visually impaired persons using TechSpot. This is because braille devices and screen readers fail to decode the aesthetics of a picture.

Improved Usability

The large number of unlabelled images across the web has created problems for visually-challenged persons. A senior manager from the web accessibility team of Chrome also concurs with the aforementioned problem. While navigating pages through screen readers, one gets to hear irrelevant audio saying ‘image’ or ‘unlabelled graphic’. This does not solve the purpose of people with weak vision, and adds up to web noise. The new feature on chrome could be using machine learning to provide proper image descriptions.

It is important for web developers to understand the requirements of visually impaired persons. The Chrome feature can be integrated across other websites to help improve its usability. The new feature can be easily activated from the ‘Settings’ tab on the window. It is expected that Chrome would earn accolades on a global scale for its new feature.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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