Chipotle Swap Chorizo for Queso

Chipotle’s recent menu witnesses major changes, as the American fast food chain phases out its chorizo – the reddish chicken and pork chunks, which was added to it, the previous year. Instead, the burrito chain is focusing on the newest item on the menu, ‘Queso’, which was officially introduced across the U.S. in the previous week.

The chorizo that Chipotle offers, is not the traditional all pork chorizo and is seasoned with chili pepper and mild paprika. Since its introduction to consumers, it was a flop show; however, the fast food chain denies it being the reason of its chorizo being pulled out of the menu. Chris Arnold, the spokesperson of Chipotle, told CNBC that it is when the company decided to move forward with the nation-wide launch of queso, it opted to phase out chorizo. “While chorizo was definitely liked by consumers, the efficacy of the company’s model has always been deep-rooted, in part, in operating just a few lineups so that all things can be done really well,” he added.

Although Chipotle always keeps a tight menu with limited options on the tray and seldom rollouts new items, its chorizo queso swap looks less like an operational need and more like a marketing spin. Last month only, researchers have expected the phasing out of chorizo from Chipotle’s menu, anticipating that its latest protein managed only 3% of the overall sales of all its protein. Meanwhile, consumers did not exactly like the chorizo and, unfortunately, they are not liking the queso, either, as suggested by the early reports.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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