Chipless RFID Market Boosted by Thrust on Product Development

San Francisco, California, August 03, 2018: A recently added market study by TMR Research, titled, “Chipless RFID Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2017–2025,” states that chipless RFIDs present the next big opportunity in the RFID market. This is because of the effective use of radiofrequency energy to communicate data without storing serial numbers in chipless RFIDs perfectly suits a highly digitized world’s demands for tagging every possible object – living and non-living.

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Chipless RFIDs market is poised to grow on the back of their affordable prices and the convenience they accord. Thanks to continued thrust on research and development by savvy players in the market, innovative products are being launched very now and then. For example, certain chipless RFID tags use materials such as conductive polymers instead of the conventional silicon microchips. Some of them use materials that can reflect back a part of the radio waves radiated at them.

Chipless RFIDs are finding increasing applications in smart cards, supply chain, aviation, healthcare, public transit, and retail. Besides, defense, library, and animal tagging are a few of the modern application of the product.

From a geographical perspective, the U.S. at present is the leading chipless RFID market. The region is home to numerous manufacturers who are increasingly coming up with cheaper and more effective solutions for tracking and tracing of goods in various areas. They prevent counterfeiting and enable asset tracking, particularly in the retail sector, which is rather large in the U.S. Apart from North America, chipless RFID market is growing in nations in other regions as well. Those include China, Nigeria, the U.K., and Singapore where RFID has been made compulsory by governments for citizen identification and other things.

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Some of the prominent participants in the chipless RFID market are Confidex Ltd., Alien Technology Corporation, Soligie Inc., Impinj Incorporation, and Toppan Forms Co. Ltd.

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