Research Initiatives Propel Global Gout Therapeutics Market

San Francisco, California, March 07, 2018: The lifelong discomfort caused by frequent gout attacks has popularized the global market for gout therapeutics. The immediate symptoms of a gout attack include a tender and swollen joint, an inflammatory sensation, and redness in the affected area. The main objective of treating a gout attack is to alleviate the inflammation and control the pain. This can be done by administering non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, corticosteroids, or colchicine. However, the line of treatment varies for different patients depending on their previous medical record, sensitivity to drugs, and other key medical information. The cases of multiple gout attacks in a single year can be handled with therapies aimed at lowering uric acid. Tophi formation at the joints occurs due to the increased levels of uric acid in the blood, and hence, lower uric acid levels can prevent joint destruction. The treatment of gout involves a series of actions performed at regular intervals including gout flare prophylaxis, comorbidities, continuing urate-lowering therapy during attacks, and adjunctive measures. Although several therapeutic actions exist for treatment of gout, no single agent works for all the patients. A report by TMR Research sheds light on several dynamics that collectively lead to the growth of the global market. The report titled ‘Gout Therapeutics Market – Global Industry Analysis, Market Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth and Forecast 2017 – 2025’ acts as a guideline to gauge the lucrativeness of the market.

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Gout is a disease that directly affects the physical health of an individual and can often hamper the ability to walk. Although the disease has affected the human populace for centuries, the instance and severity of gout has gone up in recent times. The instance of the diseases is especially higher in U.S. primarily due to the prevalence of obesity across the country. Moreover, cigarette smoking and excessive intake of alcohol are also amongst key factors that lead to gout. Owing to the aforementioned factors, the market is expected to tread along a positive growth path in the coming years. Metabolic disorders have also been a major concern for patients with gout, and any available treatment is readily accepted by the sufferers.

Core research in the field of medicine and pharmacy has led to the development of medications that can substantially reduce the bane caused by gout. Medical practitioners have started recommending these new forms of medications to patients suffering from gout, which propels demand within the market. Urate-lowering agents have also surfaced in the market and their effectiveness in curing gout has given an impetus to the global market. On the flip side, the dependence on generic drugs coupled with low awareness amongst patients as well as practitioners could obstruct affluent market growth. Nevertheless. Rise of combination therapies such as such as benzbromarone and allopurinol are expected to offer opportunities for growth in the market.

The presence of a substantial number of market players in North America gives supremacy to the region over other regional segments. Furthermore, the awareness about gout therapies across the U.S. makes it easier for medical practitioners to commence treatments. Asia Pacific is expected to emerge as a prominent regional market in the coming years. This owes to the high population and heavy instance of diseases across the region.

Some of the leading players in the gout therapeutics market include AstraZeneca, Horizon Pharma, and Takeda Pharmaceuticals. These players have retained their position in the market through intensive research and development of gout therapies.

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