Cheddar Cheese Market to Grow Due to Rising Number of People Turning Vegetarian

Cheddar cheese is comparatively hard, and off-white in color. It is pasteurized often and made usually from cow’s milk. It is sometimes more pungent in taste. One of the most popular type of cheese across the globe, cheddar cheese originated in an English village of Cheddar, in Somerset district.

Cheese maker are experimenting with different flavors and ingredients in already existing cheddar cheese. This is one of the key factor for the growth of cheddar cheese market. Nations in Asia along with Japan, have surged their usage and consumption of cheese since past few years. This is credited to the modernization of food, adoption of various type of cuisines, experimenting with food, and changing eating habits. These are the utmost important factors contributing in the advancement of global cheddar cheese market.

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Makers are Producing Cheese with Various Flavors and Extended Shelf Life

The global cheddar cheese market appears to be highly fragmented due to presence of various players across the world. Moreover, large number of people are adapting vegan lifestyle, and taking up flexitarian lifestyle. The cheese makers are thus, working on producing cheese without dairy products, and focusing on flavors, taste, and shelf life of cheddar cheese.

Regionally, Europe led the global cheddar cheese market with maximum market share. It represented a steady CAGR of 2.0% due to rising demand from Finland, France, Germany, Denmark, and several other nations in the region. Besides, Asia Pacific is the highest developing region in the forthcoming years due to large population, and rise in number of health conscious people, adapting a healthy lifestyle. In 2016, the Mexico cheddar cheese market was valued around worth of US$1857 mn, and is likely to expand at a CAGR of 2.5% within the forecast period.

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