Change toward Sedentary Lifestyle Drives Muscle Wasting Disorder Market

The muscle wasting disorder market has been estimated to expand to a noteworthy speed in the following years. The growth impetuses in the muscle wasting disorder market are majorly driven by increasing adherence to the sedentary lifestyle across developed regions. With increasing prosperity among regions, for instance, Europe and North America, the count of sedentary office jobs have also increased at a steady pace. This factor has further led to the proliferation of spinal and muscular disorders along with muscle wasting disorders. Thus, the increasing count of urban citizens that are succumbing to posture-related disorders across developed regions is likely to serve as the key driving factor to boost the growth opportunities in the muscle wasting disorder market.

As per the information provided by the World Health Organization, a rapid increase in the population of geriatric population is expected in the near future. These elderly people are commonly prone to muscle atrophy and this facto is predicted to swell a considerable growth in the muscle wasting disorder market in the following years.

There has been a noteworthy increase in the technological advancements in the diagnostic tests from the muscle wasting disorder market that further drives growth opportunities. But, on the flip side, the absence of healthcare infrastructure and lack of awareness among end-users across developing regions are estimated to curtail the growth opportunities in the muscle wasting disorder market during the forecast period.


Rising Number of Geriatric Population in Asia Pacific Boost Muscle Wasting Disorder Market

There has been an increasing prevalence of sedentary lifestyles in the countries from the Asia Pacific region that bolster growth opportunities in the muscle wasting disorder market. Along with this, the rising geriatric population in the region is also putting a major impact on the growth avenues in the muscle wasting disorder market.

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