Cervical Cancer during Reproductive Age Propels Cervical Cancer Endoscopy Devices Market

Cervical cancer is an abnormal growth of cells in cervix and it spreads to other parts of the body. It is rising at an alarming rate, the cervical endoscopy is also known as colonoscopy. A small tube is inserted into bladder and urethra to detect cervical condition of cancer. These tubes are vital part of medical diagnosis devices.

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Recommendations from Health Organization to Augment Growth

WHO recommends women between age 25 to 60 to get PAP test done to prevent cervical cancer. If any abnormality is found in PAP smear test, the patient is put through cervical cancer endoscopy to rule out cancer of cervix. Thus, the global cervical cancer endoscopic devices market during the forecast period.

Smoking to Strengthen Global Cervical Endoscopy Devices Market

Rising number of smokers among women population poses a greater risk of cervical cancer. It spreads Human Papilloma Infection due to carcinogenic substance in cigarettes. Prolonged use of contraceptive pills may cause cervical cancer or threat of cervical cancer. This will induce the global cervical endoscopy devices market to grow in the near future.

Much childbirth during the reproductive years may also lead to cervical cancer. Also, not maintaining hygiene, pre-existing HIV infection are projected to induce cervical cancer in women. Hence, the global cervical endoscopy devices may witness growth in the near future.

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Bulky and costly colposcopy devices have paved a way to larger market demand for portable endoscopic devices for diagnosis of cervical cancer. Additionally, rising research and increased investment from government for novel product development. Also presence of medical insurance and reimbursements by private and public sector companies are likely to lead to expansion of the global cervical cancer endoscopy devices market during the forecast period.

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