Centrifuge Market: Emerging Factors, Future Demands, and Key Players

The growth of the centrifuge market is triggered by the presence of several major factors, such as the growth and development of the life sciences industry, the rising prevalence of various infectious diseases, and the rising research projects in the field of proteomics as well as genomics. Additionally, another major driver for the centrifuge market development is the rising prevalence of blood disorders, resulting in an increased demand for blood components. Furthermore, the increasing demand for fast paced development of novel drugs as well as the increasing demand for cost efficient diagnostic equipment, is also influencing the development of the centrifuge market.

Furthermore, the increasing adoption of 3D printing for manufacture of products and solutions in the centrifuge market is also triggering industry growth. Additionally, the all-time high demand for various drugs as well as vaccines over the period of the novel corona virus pandemic has provided the players and stakeholders in the centrifuge market with various attractive opportunities for growth and expansion. During the pandemic period, many prominent players in the centrifuge market turned their attention towards the increasing demands from the players in the pharmaceutical industry.

The major types of products and solutions offered by the leading players in the centrifuge market  include equipment like microcentrifuges, floor model centrifuges, multi-purpose centrifuges, high speed centrifuges, and ultracentrifuges, such as analytical centrifuges as well as preparative centrifuges. The manufacturers working in the centrifuge market also offer various accessories, including tubes, buckets, rotors, plates, and centrifuge bottles, among others. Based on the type of model, the products in the centrifuge market can be categorized into floor standing centrifuges as well as benchtop centrifuges. According to the design of the rotors, the solutions in the centrifuge market are also bifurcated into segments like swinging bucket rotors, fixed angle rotors, and vertical rotors, among others.

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Players in Centrifuge Market Focused on Expansion of Product Portfolios

The major manufacturers and leading companies in the centrifuge market are Danaher Corporation, Sartorius AG, QIAGEN, NuAire, Andreas Hettich GmbH & Co. KG, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., Becton, Dickinson, and Company, Eppendorf AG, Kubota Corporation, and Sigma Laborzentrifugen GmbH, among others. The leading manufacturers and participants in the centrifuge market are focusing on expansion of their product portfolios through rigorous research and development activities. Additionally, the dominant players in the centrifuge market are also adopting various inorganic growth strategies in a bid to expand their industry share and strengthen their positioning.

The manufacturers and participants in the centrifuge market offer their products to various end users, such as biotech and pharmaceutical companies, C(D)MOs, hospitals and blood banks, CROs, and research and academic institutions. Some of the major applications for the products and solutions in the centrifuge market include biotherapeutic manufacturing (including antibodies, nanoparticles, vaccine manufacturing, viral vectors, hormones, and plasmid preparation), research (including Cellomics, proteomics, microbiology, and genomics, among others), and clinical (including blood component separation, diagnostics, and blood banking). Some of the most prominent ongoing trends of the centrifuge market, driving the industry’s growth include the rising instances of life sciences and biotechnology research activities, as well as the rising demand from the hospitals and blood banks in the developing and developed regions.

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Asia Pacific Region to Expand at the Highest Rate in Centrifuge Market

While geographically the North America region stands at the forefront of the global centrifuge market, the Asia Pacific region is most likely to develop at the highest growth rate within the next few years. Key regional industries in the global centrifuge market are North America, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, Europe, and Latin America. The growth and development within the centrifuge market in Asia Pacific region is triggered by the rising pool of patients in the regions who suffer from various types of infectious diseases. Furthermore, the rising engagement of the leading industry players on expanding their geographical presence in up-and-coming, developing industries is also favoring the growth of the Asia Pacific centrifuge market.

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