Cellular Concrete Market Gains from Rising Demand for Structurally Robust Building Materials

As a result of the growing building and construction activities, the demand for stronger yet lighter materials, which can also withstand harsh weather conditions is accelerated. Cellular concrete is a cement-based construction material, which meets the aforementioned needs and is therefore in demand in the construction industry. A new report by Transparency Market Research (TMR), titled ā€œCellular Concrete Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2016 ā€“ 2024,ā€ studies growth trajectory exhibited by the market.

Cellular concrete is fire-resistant, structurally robust, and lightweight. It derives its lightness from evenly distributed gas bubbles. It is produced from a mixture of cement (or fly ash or sand in certain cases), a foaming agent, and water. The slurry thus derived is further blended in a concrete mixing after adding a synthetic aerated foam. Foaming agent used in the mixture produces many bubbles that have a high stability quotient that enables them to endure the hardening and mixing processes besides the chemical and physical changes that occur in the process.

The rising urbanization and industrialization witnessed worldwide has spurred the demand for robust building materials, offering lucrative growth opportunities to the global cellular concrete market. According to TMR, the market is dynamic in nature and exhibits a pressing need for innovation attributable to the low presence of product differentiation. Furthermore, the market witnesses the prevalence of intense competition at the domestic level, which is likely to spur innovation and new launches in the coming years. This is expected to augur well for the global cellular concrete market.

Growth witnessed in the cellular concrete market is greatly influenced by the trends prevailing in the building and construction industry. The demand for cellular concrete is therefore facilitated by urbanization witnessed across emerging economies. As per TMR, rising demand from the construction sector as a result of economic rebound has significantly aided the expansion of the global cellular concrete market. In addition to this, cellular concrete has superior insulation properties and is pocket-friendly. Realizing the superior benefits cellular concrete offer, an increasing number of companies operating in the building and construction sector are willingly replacing conventional concrete with it. Thus cellular concrete is used in large volumes in the construction of roads and bridges as it can withstand adverse weather conditions.

According to TMR, Asia Pacific is likely to exhibit increasing demand for cellular concrete. Urbanization in India and China has exceptionally fuelled the demand for low cost lightweight, and structurally strong concrete materials, thus creating lucrative prospects for the market. Besides this, in developed economies the market is likely to gain from the rising investment in modernizing and expanding infrastructure.

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Some of the most prominent companies operating in the global cellular concrete market are Laston Italiana S.P.A, Cellular Concrete Technologies, Shirke, Saint Gobain, Cellucrete, and ACICO.

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