Emergence of Energy Saving Technologies to Augur Well for Smart Refrigerator Market

The growth of the global smart refrigerator market is likely to be driven by the incorporation of advanced communication systems and technology to develop convenient yet energy efficient appliances for better lifestyle. Rapid progress made in the wireless communication systems and information technology (IT) facilitates hassle-free assimilation of various mobile devices, such as tablets, laptops, and smartphones with refrigerators. It enables consumers to regulate and optimize operations of fridge even from faraway places. These benefits are likely to fuel development of the global smart refrigerator market in the years to come.

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Growing Need to Check Wastage of Food to Shoot Up Demand for Smart Refrigerators

Lack of timely utilization and monitoring of refrigerated food items often result in the wastage of food, which is a very common problem for the end users. According to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), nearly 40% of the food produced in India is wasted and around 20% of the purchased food items are thrown away in India. Such humungous amount of food wastage calls for efficacious management of food in commercial and residential sectors, which is anticipated to trigger growth of the global smart refrigerator market in the near future. The ability of these refrigerators to regulate and keep a watch on the shelf life and quality of the food products is likely to drive its demand. These refrigerators also provide timely alerts to users so as to avert food wastage.

Increasing demand for customization and personalization by customers and disruptive technologies are anticipated to augur well for the global smart refrigerator market over the period of analysis. Technological progress made in the communications and electronics sector coupled with the rising requirement for energy efficiency is expected to drive development of the global smart refrigerator market in the years to come.

In addition, a rise in the disposable income of people together with the propensity to buy luxury products to live a better life is driving the demand for premium products, such as smart refrigerators.

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Growing Interest in Water Related Recreational Activities to Underscore Growth in Electric Boats Market

TMRR notes that over the period of 2019 to 2029, the global electric boats market will witness substantial growth. New opportunities will emerge and valuation will improve over the period mentioned. A number of interesting and impactful trends and drivers will be responsible for this growth over the forecast.

Improvement in disposable income, coupled with growing interest in water related recreational activities. Higher standard of living and increase in demand for outdoor activities are also contributing to this growth in the global electric boats markets. Improvement in design and function of boats is also adding to revenue.

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The market for these boats is fragmented and varied growth strategies are marking the landscape. Higher investments can be noted. Players are using alliances and product development via innovation as means to tap into higher revenues. Some of the most notable players are also deploying technological advancement and effective marketing strategies to consolidate their marketing position.

Top-tier players in the global electric boats market are Frauscher, Duffy Electric Boat Company, RAND Boats ApS, Echandia Marine AB, GardaSolar s.r.l., Lillebror Marine, Canadian Electric Boat Company, Quadrofoil d.o.o. , NavAlt boats, LTSMARINE, Symphony Boat Company, Ruban Bleu, Mechatronik und Yachtbau, Soel Yachts B.V., Torqeedo GmbH, and LEAR ELECTRIC BOATS, among others.

Some of these players are trying to focus on improving geographic reach to tap into new consumer base, penetrate better into regional markets and expand production capacity. Technology plays a major role in the global electric boats market and as mentioned above will hold a crucial place in the overall scheme of growth.

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Region wise, the markets of Europe and North America will hold a prominent place on the growth charts of global electric boats market. High adoption of recreational water activities and growing interest in the same is leading to growth in the regional market. Asia Pacific is paving way for novel and profitable growth avenues.

Scientists used new tool to improve the quality of Barley

Beyond genetic engineering – CRISPR, a genetic tool could be used to improve the quality of barley very rapidly, shows a team of international scientists. Meanwhile, genetic engineering allows altering some characteristics of various organisms. Genetic engineering is particularly important in agriculture, as it can improve yields, increase resistance of crops and make them less dependent on pesticides and other chemicals that are harmful for the environment.

In terms of use, barley is quite important as it finds use in the production of various food products. Beta-glucan which is one of the more advantageous substances in barley, is a source of fermentable dietary fiber that prevents various human health conditions. However, lower levels of beta-glucan in barley is preferred for brewing and distilling.

Featuring multiple Uses, CRISPR to enable rich variety of Barley

CRISPR is a very useful gene-editing instrument. Some call it ‘gene scissors’ as it enables chopping unwanted pieces of an organism’s genome and replacing with something more useful. CRISPR finds use in a number of fields – from production of food crops to medicine. CRISPR will find use among plant breeders to deliver new plant varieties, opine scientists.

Furthermore, CRISPR now finds use to alter beta-glucan levels in barley. This could result in cultivation of crops that are rich in beta-glucan, and are also suitable for brewing and distilling. To alter beta-glucan levels in barley, scientists employed a reverse genetics approach in members of the gene superfamily. This approach not only improves grain quality, but also allows scientists to introduce some specific changes that would be desired by some specific industries that use barley. This implies, plant breeders will be able to cultivate specialized barley for bread, beer, and other products.

Decoding Growth in Ultra Violet (UV) Lamps Market

Over the period of 2019 to 2029, TMRR notes that the global ultra violet lamps market would chart a steady growth rate and a strIng of varied growth factors will back it up. One of the most significant factors of growth in the market is that the number of applications of these lamps is growing. Traditionally, it has been used for UV curing, tanning, air and water purification, etc.  The efficiency of producing radiation at high efficiency, which aids in killing bacteria and thus in disinfecting and deactivating growth of pathogens, also underlines the projected growth.

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The moderately fragmented landscape of global ultra-violet (UV) lamps market is a competitive arena. To be able to navigate through the intense competition and chart growth, companies opt for organic strategies as well as inorganic strategies. These include offering better and innovative products and entering into joint ventures. This also explains why technology holds a prominent place in the market. Some of the top players occupying the vendor landscape of the global ultra violet (UV) lamps market are Danaher Corp., Alpha-Cure Ltd., Heraeus Holding GmbH, Halma Plc, Kuraray Co. Ltd., IST Metz GmbH, Severn Trent Plc, OSRAM Licht AG, and Xylem Inc., among others.

A regional analysis is also required here, to understand growth dynamics of the global ultra violet (UV) lamps market. Market experts claim that over the forecast period that is mentioned above, Asia Pacific (APAC) region will be a profitable market, attracting players to its landscape in a significant manner. Growth in technology and increasing awareness are major factors, impacting growth of the region in a positive manner. It is quite pertinent to make note of the fact here that over the stated period, there is another region that will hold the players’ interest and that is North American region, which is se tto witness notable contributions from North America.

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