Developing Insulin Analogues for Improved Treatment of Diabetes

A team of researchers has developed a new method for improved insulin delivery. The research was pioneered at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health. Clinical delivery of insulin holds immense relevance in treatment of diabetes. Therefore, development of a non-fibrillating method for insulin dosage shall improve the healthcare index. Meanwhile, researchers used a novel glycosylation technique to develop an insulin analogue. The analogue produces same effect on glucose levels as native insulin, with the former named glycoinsulin. Preclinical studies have proven the effectiveness of glycoinsulin in lowering glucose levels. Moreover, prevention of fibril formation through glycosylation helps in proper administration of insulin. Formation of fibrils can block pathways traced for insulin delivery, which can in turn become fatal.

 Understanding Action of Glycoinsulin

 It is important to prevent under dosing of insulin, and this makes it necessary to inhibit aggregation of insulin fibrils. Lead researchers believe that glycoinsulin offers premium solutions for treating diabetes. The ability to prevent fibril formation at even high temperatures points to the utility of glycoinsulin. Moreover, this insulin analogue acquires increased stability inside the human body as against native insulin. Therefore, glycoinsulin finds use as an excellent product for usage inside insulin pumps. Moreover, glycoinsulin can also come in handy in increasing the shelf life of other insulin products.

 Future of Clinical Trials

 The researchers intend to test the effectiveness of glycoinsulin for several other applications. Therefore, clinical trials are expected to lay their focus on investigating this compound. Use of insulin pumps for diabetes management is a common practice across the US and Australia. This trend has helped researchers in popularising glycoinsulin, and its potential uses. Supremacy of glycoinsulin over insulin pump infusion sets shall be the focal point of market research.

The Growing Acceptance of Self-Care Devices to Accelerate Development of Global Self-Injection Device Market

Modern-day medical researchers and experts are acknowledging the necessity of transferring the responsibility of healthcare to individuals. The healthcare industry is becoming more liberal by utilizing technologies that are accelerating the process of treatment. As a result, self-care technologies like wearables, easy-to-use needles, and self-injections are gaining momentum. The advancements in self-medication are further propelling the growth of the global self-injection device market. These devices are also playing a vital role in transforming patients into responsive and responsible individuals which is boosting the demand for these devices in the market.

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The growing incidences of diabetes among women and children are creating a substantial demand for self-injecting insulin devices that are contributing to the progress of the global self-injection device market. Self-injection devices are also being increasingly used by patients suffering from chronic illnesses related heart, lungs, and liver owing to the advancements in cardiovascular research. The convenience of not going to medical centers and hospitals after their first visit by administering the required liquid injections through self-injection devices is aiding the progress of the global market.

Some of the key insights about the global self-injection device market are given below:

  • A rise in the incidences of diabetes and the growing acceptance of self-care technologies in the medical industry has led the market players to develop easy-to-use devices for injecting insulin. Approvals from key entities such as WHO and FDA are enabling the vendors to expand their consumer base encouraging leading players to develop high-quality syringes as well as tubes.
  • The self-injection devices market is a competitive landscape that is driving the market players to use strategies influenced by advancements in research and the introduction of new products to thrive. Hence, the market vendors are focusing on manufacturing prefilled syringes that are gaining popularity among patients suffering from chronic illnesses related to sugar levels and the pulmonary system.

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Global Robotic Rehabilitation and Assistive Technologies Market to Grow with Rising Incidence of Bone Injuries

Advancements in robotic research have paved way for growth within the global robotic rehabilitation and assistive technologies market. The quest of the medical fraternity to help disabled persons in performing sensorimotor functions has given a thrust to market growth. The rising incidence of motor disabilities in humans has been the central idea of growth and development. Furthermore, traumatic accidents and injuries suffered during strenuous activities can render individuals physically impaired for life. The medical fraternity is making stellar efforts to rehabilitate people with chronic injuries. The use of robotic systems to improve the motor movements and accessibility of handicapped persons has given a thrust to the growth of the global robotic rehabilitation and assistive technologies market.

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In this blog, TMR Research uncovers a broad range of dynamics that have aided the growth of the global robotic rehabilitation and assistive technologies market.

Increasing Investments in Healthcare

The healthcare industry of a region is an important benchmark to gauge the overall growth across that region. Efforts of governments in enhancing the quality of life of physically handicapped individuals helps towards national growth. Therefore, governments are investing in the development of robotic rehabilitation and assistive technologies within the healthcare sector. This trend shall help in fetching voluminous revenues within the global market.

Rising Incidence of Road Accidents

Road accidents have been on a rise across underdeveloped countries, and this factor has played a vital role in market growth. Furthermore, availability of improved technologies for increasing the accessibility and mobility of handicapped individuals shall usher an era of growth within the market. The healthcare industry is leaving no stone unturned in developing cutting-technology for increased movement in physically challenged individuals.

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Some of the important vendors operating in the global robotic rehabilitation and assistive technologies market are Bionik Laboratories Corp, Instead Technologies, Inc, and DIH Technologies Corporation.

Analysing the Impact of Weight-Loss Surgeries in Diabetics

Obesity and diabetes are amongst common diseases that affect several population and age groups. Hence, researchers have made constant efforts to understand the impact of certain treatment lines on patients with obesity and diabetes. Study of type-2 diabetes has especially been a key area of interest for the researchers. Meanwhile, a recent study analyses the impact of weight-loss surgery on the health of adults with diabetes and obesity. The research aimed at creating middle grounds between surgical treatments and disease study. The study offers important cues to medical researchers willing to understand treatment lines for type-2 diabetes.

 The research is, by far, the largest study towards evaluating health of individuals with diabetes and obesity. In addition, the growing popularity of weight loss surgeries has compelled medical researchers to understand its impact on patients. The research study conducted on a sample of Chinese population published in Diabetes/Metabolism Research and Reviews.

Relevance of Weight

Furthermore, the research has helped in evaluating the sustainable effects of surgeries on cholesterol, blood sugar, and several over parameters. The effects of weight-loss surgery are studied for a period spanning over five years. The researchers also analysed the change in weight of individuals who have undergone a weight-loss surgery. Analysis of the favourable impact of weight-loss surgery helped researchers in drawing out several inferences. Restrictive surgeries and treatments expected to gain popularity across the medical fraternity in the years to follow.

 Analyzing Impact of Restrictive Surgeries

 Impact of restrictive surgery was similar to that of bypass surgeries. The former is meant to reduce the size of the stomach. The researchers were able to draw the aforementioned inference at the end of the follow-up. However, restrictive surgeries turned out to be slightly more effective in patients with type-2 diabetes.