What is MarketNgage’s I.T.R Process?

Market research is not a luxury but a requirement for all businesses and sectors to understand the scope and the current scenario of their sector. Delving deep into a specific sector is important for any business and organization to progress further. Market research organizations do this work and present a treasure of information that benefits a stakeholder in analyzing and strategizing the future course of the business. Many market research organizations may have provided stakeholders with lots of data but what is more important is accurate and relevant data.

The stakeholder has to search for what she or he is looking for by searching the entire report. What if a platform provides stakeholders with just the information they want? Presenting MarketNgage, a revolutionary platform that offers the power of four market research companies on a single platform.

On the MarketNgage platform, stakeholders can also opt to pay just for the insights they want instead of buying the entire report. MarketNgage has several benefits that make it a one of its kind Market Intelligence Search Engine. The I.T.R (INFORMATION. TRANSFORMATION. REVOLUTION) Process Information leads to transformation and eventually results in a revolution. MarketNgage utilizes these three aspects to provide the best results to its clients. Here’s how. INFORMATION The first step is to gather information from verified sources. The information is trusted and is cross-checked several times. TRANSFORMATION MarketNgage does not provide a truckload of plain data.

The experts at MarketNgage transform the data by analysis and research, eventually making it a beneficial tool for the stakeholder. REVOLUTION Fully integrated research solutions by MarketNgage enable seamless single-window access to information on various markets. Interactive dashboards and data visualization ensure that the stakeholders get revolutionary insights on each aspect. MarketNgage solutions are developed keeping the specific needs of the stakeholders in mind. The insights from MarketNgage offer a perspective the stakeholder can trust to make decisions with conviction.

Growing Health Concerns Create Lucrative Opportunities in Functional Food Ingredients Market

A considerable chunk of people is increasingly demanding clean label foods. It bolsters opportunities in the functional food ingredients market.  People are also becoming aware of the adverse effects of packed unhealthy food. The increasing awareness related to the consumption of nutritional foods is also expected to bring prospects in the functional food ingredients market.

At the present time, there is a rapid increase in various health problems such as obesity and diabetes. The changing lifestyle of people is a responsible factor for these health problems. In addition, the demographic aspects, attraction for junk food, new food habits, and hectic routine are also leading towards a drastic change in diet habits. In order to overcome these health issues to stay healthy, there is a crucial requirement to adopt solutions from the functional food ingredients market.

People in the present time are concentrating to stay fit and living a healthy life. This is possible with the consumption of clean-label and healthier foods. These factors may boost opportunities in the functional food ingredients market.

Innumerable Benefits Boost Growth in Functional Food Ingredients Market

Functional food ingredients are bioactive components, which find application to create functional food products. These ingredients may be collected from different sources such as inorganic raw materials, marine sources, and microorganisms. Various benefits are associated with functional food ingredients. These merits boost demand in the functional food ingredients market.

The functional food ingredients are used for different applications in personal care, animal feed, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, and others. It creates lucrative opportunities in the functional food ingredients market.

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On the basis of product type, the functional food ingredients market is divided into mung bean protein, conjugated linoleic acid, modified starch, probiotics, pectin, protein hydrolysate, omega-3, omega-6, maltodextrin, and polydextrose.

The ingredients from the functional food ingredients market have various benefits. These ingredients help to promote good health, boost energy levels, and prevent various diseases. Furthermore, these ingredients are also important as they tackle high postprandial blood glucose. The functional food ingredients are also helpful for the reduction of cholesterol levels. These benefits are crucial for the growth in the functional food ingredients market.

Reasons why MarketNgage is more than just Market Research

The primary purpose of market research is to examine or understand a market and make business decisions accordingly. What if a stakeholder gets to analyze not just a few insights on the particular market but a strong and verified data interpretation of various related aspects? MarketNgage, the world’s most prolific market intelligence engine, offers this feature to all its clients. One of the revolutionary intelligence engines, MarketNgage not just defines good research, but also brilliance in every aspect.

MarketNgage is not just about research on a particular market. It provides unparalleled coverage on various factors associated with the specific market. It uses a modern approach that is a blend of unique research and excellent analytics. Further, a targeted approach assures clarity to the stakeholder while making important business decisions.

Not convinced yet? Here are some vital reasons that prove MarketNgage is not just about market research.

Unified Power of Four Market Research Companies on a Single Platform

For providing the stakeholders clutter-free data and actionable insights, MarketNgage has combined the power of four market research companies. This factor promises great insights into any specific market or markets.

‘Pay-As-You-Use’ Approach

MarketNgage provides the features that one cannot find in any other market research organization. A stakeholder sometimes needs only a certain piece of information about a specific segment, type, or region. S/he has to go through an entire report for finding the information. On the MarketNgage platform, a stakeholder can find information on a particular aspect and only pay for the same.

Deep Analysis across Niche Categories

Niche categories are often left out without much research, MarketNgage helps stakeholders understand the niche category with ease and create a broad picture through data, surveys, and metrics.

Flexi-Pricing Model

Budget-oriented market research just got easier with MarketNgage! On the MarketNgage platform, stakeholders can rent a report instead of buying and save more than 50 percent on the research costs. The platform’s subscription model is also beneficial for searching and owning only the required insights.

Seam Welding Machine Market – Growth Factors and Impact of COVID-19

The seam welding machine market is estimated to gain tremendous growth prospects across the assessment period of 2020-2030. The growing demand form end-user industries like consumer durables, building and infrastructure, transportation, oil and gas, and others will bring immense growth opportunities. The expanding usage of seam welding machines in metal working industries to weld metals at a consistent pace will bring exponential growth during the forecast period.

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Seam welding can be defined as a method that helps in blending two similar metals together. When forced together. It leads to the formation of a homogenous welded assembly. The benefits of seam welding make them a preferred option among many applications. These factors bode well for the seam welding machine market growth.

Based on mode, the seam welding machine market can be segmented into continuous seam welding and intermittent seam welding. Manual seam welding machine, automatic seam welding machine, and semi-automatic seam welding machine are vital product types. Wide wheel seam, foil butt seam welding, narrow wheel seam, mash seam welding, and consumable wire seam welding are the types bifurcated based on wheel-contact.

Development of Seam Welding Machines in Tandem with Industrial Standards to Boost Growth Opportunities

Manufacturers in the seam welding machine market are paying attention on developing seam welding machines that are in compliance with the required standards set for industries by numerous countries. These factors will help in the overall development of the seam welding machine market. In addition, strict workplace regulations in the context of workplace safety will bring tremendous growth opportunities.

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Seam Welding Machine Market: COVID-19 Impact

The seam welding machine market is substantially affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The growing transmission levels forced many countries to impose strict curbs, which ruined the growth prospects of the seam welding machine market expansively. However, the relaxation in lockdown curbs will help in bringing stable growth.