Risk of Environmental Contaminants necessitates Standards of Hygiene and Sterility for Bacterial and Viral Specimen Collection

Rising incidence of viral and bacterial diseases due to factors such as climate change and reduced immunity of individuals is indirectly fuelling the bacterial and viral specimen collection market. In healthcare settings, bacterial and viral specimen collection is done to diagnose the disease, and administer a line of treatment for the same. However, bacterial and viral specimen collection equipment needs to satisfy several criteria of quality and hygiene before it can be brought into use.

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Risk of picking up environmental contaminants necessitates bacterial and viral specimen collection centers to maintain standards of hygiene and sterility. Specimen collection centers use a number of equipment for sample collection from the body that need to be sterilized to prevent external contaminants to stick to the equipment. This opens handsome opportunities for the bacterial and viral specimen collection market.

Improved Techniques of Sterilization focus of Keen Players

The bacterial and viral specimen collection market features a fragmented vendor landscape due to the presence of several small and large players. R&D for improved techniques of sterilization of specimen collection center and specimen collection equipment is the prime focus of savvy players in the bacterial and viral specimen collection market. Mergers and acquisitions and partnerships for business gains is another key growth strategy of players in the bacterial and viral specimen collection market.

Some key players in the bacterial and viral specimen collection market are Puritan Medical Products, Becton, Dickinson and Company, Quidel Corporation, Pretium Packaging, Medical Wire & Equipment, Hardy Diagnostics, VIRCELL S.L., Titan Biotech, COPAN Diagnostics, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., Longhorn Vaccines and Diagnostics LLC, Trinity Biotech, HiMedia Laboratories, Nest Scientific, and DiaSorin.

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North America and Europe currently lead the global bacterial and viral specimen collection market. A robust healthcare infrastructure that maintains adequate hygiene and sterility during specimen collection for bacterial and viral diseases makes them key regions in the bacterial and viral specimen collection market.

Outbreak of Covid-19 to Present Lucrative Opportunities to Art Supplies Market

The growing influence of coloring, painting, drawing and other such similar activities related to art are bringing abundant growth opportunities for the global art supplies market in the years to come. The implementation of lockdown in different countries is offering people with the opportunity to hone such artistic skills. This factor is likely to foster growth of the global art supplies market in the years to come.

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Writing pens are likely to come up as one of the most popular product in the global art supplies market. Augmented rate of literacy, a rise in the number of enrollment of students, and increasing government initiatives to develop educational infrastructure are all likely to work in favor of the global art supplies market in the near future. As more students admit themselves to schools and universities, the demand for writing pens is bound to rise. In addition to this, several manufacturers have shifted their focus on introducing innovative instruments of writing, which could also come with multipurpose functionalities. All these factors are likely to support growth of the global art supplies market in the near future.

Increasing Disposable Income of People to Widen Scope of the Market Growth

There has been a rising trend of online shopping, which has been substantially influencing producers of art supplies. Manufacturers are entering into collaborations with several marketing agencies, brand consultants, and online service producers. These collaborations are likely to create plethora of opportunities for the global art supplies market in the near future. In addition to that, there has been growing inclination toward spending on premium art supplies, thereby encouraging manufacturers to come up with high-end, innovative products.

There has been a growing trend toward the utilization of recyclable and natural material for the making of art supplies, which is likely to augur well for the market in the years to come.

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New Contact-sensitive Technique developed to make Smart Tablecloths

In a breakthrough development, Capacitivo – a contact-sensitive object-recognition technique developed for creating interactive fabrics. The development is an initiative of a team of researchers working with Microsoft Corp. who published the paper on the ACM digital library site. In the paper, the group describes how well the prototype worked when it was tested.

Meanwhile, over the past decade, several companies have made attempts to create twistable personal electronics for integration in smart clothes. Most efforts, till date, to merge electronics with stretchable fabrics have focused on fabrics that are for use of wear.

New Technique capable to recognize Non-metallic Objects

On the other hand, in the new effort, the focus of researchers is to make other products such as furniture coverings and tablecloths. The idea behind these products is to make the surface aware of what has been placed on them, and then use this information to provide a service. For example, placing a variety of fruits on a table covered with a smart tablecloth could help with meal suggestions. The smart tablecloth could allow a connected device such as a smartphone or smart-speaker to suggest various meals that could be prepared using the fruits.

In fact, prior efforts to make similar products involved creating fabrics that could recognize only metallic objects. With the new effort, a technique developed that can recognize non-metallic objects such as liquids and food. The technique involves knitting a grid of electrodes into a cloth affixed to a textile substrate. Function-wise, the integrated sensors detect changes in the capacitance of electrodes as they are affected by the presence of an object. The cloth is then joined to a deep learning system and trained to recognize objects.

Post-Lockdown Era Looks Promising for Bicycle Tires Market

The bicycle tires market may witness good growth during the assessment period of 2019-2029 on the back of the rising demand for bicycles across the globe. The lockdown restrictions due to the novel coronavirus outbreak have led many people concentrate on their fitness regimes.

 As gyms in numerous parts of the world were closed, people opted for cycling as a means of exercise. This aspect led to a surge in the sale of bicycles. Hence these crucial factors may invite tremendous growth opportunities for the bicycle tires market.

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Nowadays, many customizable tires are available for specific road types. This factor invites immense growth opportunities for the bicycle tires market.

Production Facility Expansion and Discovery of Untapped Opportunities Invite Growth

As the bicycle sales surge, the demand for bicycle tires is also increasing. For catering to the escalating demand, players in the bicycle tires market are in pursuit of expanding manufacturing facilities. Increased investments in research and development activities are helping the players to explore new insights into bicycle tires. Through these insights, manufacturers focus on producing bicycle tires that are more durable and robust.

Fat Tires to Unlock Golden Growth Opportunities

Fat tires have recently gained substantial traction across a considerable chunk of the populace. The features of these tires are attracting great demand from individuals. Furthermore, these tires are low-maintenance. Hence, the rising popularity of fat tire bikes may turn to be a game-changer in terms of the growth of the bicycle tires market. 

Since the advent of the novel coronavirus, many people are concentrating on health and fitness to increase immunity levels. Cycling is linked to numerous health benefits. Post lockdown, cycling has become a popular exercising activity. This aspect is eventually proving to be a growth multiplier for the bicycle tires market. The heightening awareness about sustainability may also prove fruitful for the growth of the bicycle tires market.

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