Can the Pressure of Global Warming Affect the Aerosol Propellants Market

Although, the spray can that affected environment are long gone, the world has not yet accepted the use aerosol propellants to its full extent. The global aerosol propellant market is currently getting a mixed opinion from the users. For example, some users think that though they are helpful, aerosol propellants available in the market are depleting O-zone layer and hence are reducing their usage of aerosol propellants. However, on the other hand, there are people who are focusing on the benefits these propellants are offering to them and are willing to use the aerosol propellant for a longer period of time.

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How is the Aerosol Propellant Market Evolving at Present?

Ever since, the propellant industry has banned the production of Chloro-Floro carbon based aerosol propellants, the market has picked a little momentum. However, the momentum is not sufficient to derive the profit that was initially bagged.

Nevertheless, the arrival of Hydrofluorocarbon has given a substantial boost to the global aerosol propellant market as these propellants have no effect on O-zone layers and are comparatively safer to use in domestic and industrial application. Moreover, researches shows that with Hydrofluorocarbon-based propellant are acquiring major share of the global aerosol propellant market these days.

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The Path’s Not Easy for Hydrofluorocarbon Based Aerosol Propellants

Though Hydrofluorocarbon based aerosol propellants are gaining traction in the market, they face various roadblocks in their path of success. One of them is banns that are levied by the authorities, fearing that excess use can damage the o-zone layer and increase global warming. Recently, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has already banned 3 major contenders of aerosol propellant market namely HFC-125, HFC-134a, and HFC-227ea. The government feels that these aerosol propellants not only depletes the o-zone layer but are directly harmful to the health of the user.

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