Buccal Cavity Devices Market in 2021 – Detailed Analysis Report

Drug delivery systems have made continuous advances including for oral diseases. Expanding knowledge about systemic and local drug delivery mechanisms has also open doors to new opportunities in buccal cavity devices market. A range of oral diseases notably mucosal and enamel have benefitted from exploration of buccal delivery in systemic drug delivery.

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The growing study on drug delivery in oral disease treatments is a key driver for the buccan cavity devices market. Over the years, clinicians and patients have benefitted from the evolving evidence pertaining to multiple limitations of parenteral delivery and poor oral availability of the conventional drug delivery routes. In this regard, buccal cavity devices for effecting transmucosal routes of drug delivery have earned massive attention.

Transmucosal routes of drug delivery has gained massive attention among researchers pursuing new strategies for drug delivery for various diseases. The advantage associated with this is achieving a site-specific release of the drug on the mucosa.

R&D in Buccal Adhesive Drug Delivery Systems Boosts Market

A number of new compounds that can be used in buccal drug delivery is through buccal cavity devices. Continuous research has been made in buccal adhesive drug delivery systems. The anatomic and physiologic features to make these systems advantageous against the onslaught of the limitations. In this regard, bioadhesive buccal drug delivery systems are gathering traction and opened a new frontier in the buccal cavity devices market players to explore new application.

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One such advancements have been developing penetration enhancers. This has positively impacted the growth of the buccal cavity devices market. Buccal penetration enhancers with high efficacy and low toxicity profile have emerged as a positive development for the evolution of the market. New buccal formulations will further enrich the landscape of the market. New methods have emerged that mark the progress of local drug delivery in the oral cavity, extending the horizon of the buccal cavity devices market.

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