Bright Growth Prospects For Tow Prepreg Market as Technological Innovations and Developments Become a Frequent Phenomenon

Tow prepreg consists of high filament numbers and is used in industries that need robustness as a prime component in their products. The tow prepreg market may substantially observe an increase in the growth rate during the forecast period of 2019-2029. Consistent improvements in terms of durability, strength, heat resistant, and high tensile strength, etc in the production of tow prepregs are consistently paving the way for the growth of the tow prepreg market. The tow prepreg market can be segmented into automobile parts, sports goods, rocket motor cases, fuselage, pressure vessels, and others. Based on fiber type, the tow prepreg market is divided into aramid, carbon, glass, and thermoplastic.

Use of Tow Prepreg Composites in Variety of Applications

The use of tow prepreg composites in numerous applications is the major feature that leads to an increase in the growth rate of the tow prepreg market. Taking the following example, one can see the innovations taking place in the tow prepreg market: ESE Carbon Co. recently launched a novel carbon fiber wheel that makes use of custom presses and fiber placement to reduce waste and enhance scalability. These wheels reduce rotational inertia and unsprung mass up to 50 percent, thus resulting in faster acceleration, improved handling, and reduced braking distance. In addition, the tow prepreg market also benefits greatly from the varied use of tow prepreg composites in automotive components.

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Thermoplastic prepregs are also not left behind. They are also aiding the tow prepreg market to a great extent. The TEXIM thermoplastic prepreg made from corn yarn products and sheathed within spun thermoplastic staple fibers is a classic instance of developments in the tow prepreg market.

Aircraft manufacturers also use tow prepreg composites on a large scale as they offer increased tensile strength as well as rigidity. Manufacturers in the tow prepreg market are in the process of discovering cutting-edge prepregs for aircraft parts blending cost efficiency and mechanical performance. These technologies are sometimes developed through mergers, partnerships, joint ventures, or partnerships. For instance, SGL Carbon, a German carbon fiber producer, and Solvay are collaborating to discover new generation prepregs for aircraft parts. The concept is to obtain new CF composite materials with the infusion of mechanical performance and low cost. Therefore, such developments may accelerate the growth rate of the tow prepreg market to a great extent.

The tow prepreg market is a highly fragmented market with many local as well as global players in the fray. Major players involved in the tow prepreg market are Teijin Ltd., Red Composites Ltd., Arisawa Manufacturing, Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation, SGL Carbon, TCR Composites, Vitech Composites, Hexcel Corporation, Toray Inc., and Porcher Industries.

The Advent of Spread Tow Technology

Innovations are frequent in the tow prepreg market. The spread tow technology is an ideal example of such innovations. The spread tow technology allows creating and developing thin plies using fibers with the best properties such as increased mechanical performance of a composite product. Benefits such as evenly distributed fibers with perfect filament straightness can help this technology gain considerable momentum.

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The tow prepreg market is spread across the regions of Asia Pacific, North America, the Middle East and Africa, Europe, and Latin America. Europe expects to emerge as a star region in terms of growth contribution to the tow prepreg market. Europe is blessed with the presence of premium automobile manufacturers such as Fiat, Bentley, and Audi, and BMW. Therefore, these companies use tow prepreg composites on a large scale, which eventually benefits the tow prepreg market. Large scale offshore wind energy installations, prominently in Germany and the U.K. could also prove to be a growth multiplier for the tow prepreg market.

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