Brewer’s Yeast Market to Gain Remarkable Growth with Better Nutritional Value

Brewer’s yeast is seen as a considerable source of Vitamin B among non-alcoholic people and top preference in the fermentation of beer among beer lovers. Brewer’s yeast or baker’s yeast is a component used for producing both bread and beer and can also be used as a nutritional supplement. This is made from a one-celled fungus called Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Brewer’s yeast is also considered as a rich in chromium that helps the body to control and maintain normal blood sugar levels.

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The global market for brewer’s yeast is expected to witness a remarkable growth owing to the rise in consumption of bread and alcohol all over the world. With the promotion and acceptance of western culture in all other parts of the world, the promotion of bread and beer is reaching at higher levels by the day. Another important factor boosting the growth of this market is the fact that brewery yeast can also be used for nutritional purposes. Brewer’s yeast is rich in both Vitamin B and chromium and is available in both powder form as well as liquid, flake form and even tablet form. Brewer’s yeast also helps in proper functioning and maintenance of digestive tract thus, accelerating the growth of the overall market in the years to come.

Liquid Yeast to Serve as Better Food for Cattle

Another factor propelling the global brewer’s yeast is the rise in demand for eggs, dairy, and meat. This is not just for human consumption but also used as a feedstuff for fish, ruminants, poultry, and pigs. Liquid form of yeast is especially famous in the regions of Thailand as farmers of this region use this liquid form obtained from brewer’s yeast to feed their cattle. They are rich in protein and serves as a perfect feedstuff for their cattle just like other feedstuffs namely maize grain and soybean.

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