Breast Pumps Market: Awareness Initiatives by Government and Private Sector Aid Expansion

Breast pumps are devices which are used by lactating mothers for expression of milk from breast. Breast pumps are used by mothers to stimulate lactation in case they have low milk supply. Breast pumps are also used to get relieve from engorgement (breast pain), feeding preterm infants, and babies not able to suck the milk due to physical reasons. Breast pumps have gained popularity among working women population, since breast pumps provide them ease to balance work life and continue breastfeeding even after returning to work.

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Rising working women population has augmented the demand for breast pumps among consumers. Increase in awareness campaigns by public and private sectors regarding benefits of breastfeeding, huge consumer base for breast pumps owing to rising number of births in developing countries and advancement of novel technologies in product development for breast pumps by key players has further driven the market growth of global breast pumps market. However, risk and side effects related to breast pumps and high cost of hospital grade breast pumps are the major restraining factors for the growth of breast pumps market.

Rising Women Employment Positively Impacts Global Breast Pumps Market

Various factors are supporting the expansion of the global breast pumps market. For instance, the rising rate of women employment, coupled with supportive government initiatives, has proved a boon for the market. These initiatives not only helped improving the overall healthcare infrastructure but also got robust schemes for spreading awareness on track. The cumulative effect of these factors are reflected positively on the global breast pumps market, augmenting overall sales witnessed over the last few years.

Besides these, factors such as the escalating birth rate, especially among emerging nations provide lucrative opportunities to the market. The United Nations has estimated by the end of 2050 the likelihood of the global population to reach 9.7 billion. Having said that, the growth in population is also indicative of attractive prospects awaiting the market players in the near future. Alongside rising women employment worldwide, the rising disposable income of consumers will have a positive impact on the market as well. To capitalize on prevailing opportunities across emerging nations, several companies are looking to invest therein. This will definitely give the breast pumps market in emerging nations a significant impetus.

High Cost of Hospital Grade Breast Pumps Emerges as Restraining Factor

In the last few years, both public and private sector players have conducted various campaigns to spread awareness regarding the benefits of breastfeeding, in turn creating a sizeable consumer base for breast pumps in developing nations. In addition, the recent technological advancements have further helped the market gain pace. On the downside, side effects related to using breast pumps and the high price at which hospital grade breast pumps are available are restraining the market to an extent. Nonetheless, the increasing demand from emerging nations such as China will enable the market sustain its positive growth trend through the forecast period.

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