Breakfast Cereals Highly Preferred in the East Following Western World

San Francisco, California, December 13, 2017 – The global breakfast cereals market, according to a TMR Research report, is prognosticated to earn growth on the back of a greater preference for the processed food due to the influence of the lifestyle of the Western world. Bearing the title “Breakfast Cereals Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017 – 2025,” the report prophesies changing food habits of the worldwide population to be another factor augmenting the demand in the industry. Moreover, the escalating count of convenience stores and rising rate of urbanization are anticipated to the set the tone for a significant growth of the market.

More consumers of breakfast cereals could be attracted by companies in the long run as ‘new product launch’ continues to swell its significance in the market as a major business strategy. Latest products of breakfast cereals are researched to flaunt higher nutritional content and new and tastier flavors. However, the sale of breakfast cereals could dwindle if products continue to include high amounts of sugar and refined carbs. This has considerably discouraged health-conscious consumers to purchase breakfast cereals. Nonetheless, several countries have grown an inclination toward breakfast cereals because of the availability of a number of product varieties such as pinole and muesli.

Besides being a highly healthy food choice, breakfast cereals have catered to the rising demand from people living a busy and fast-paced life. Breakfast cereals add to the convenience of people looking for foods that could be instantly prepared. Furthermore, the increasing demand for low-calorie foods and rising consumer awareness about healthy living and food options are predicted to create scores of lucrative business opportunities in the world breakfast cereals market. Product innovation could be another strategy adopted by players that could contribute to their growth in the market. For instance, Native State Foods had announced the inclusion of Aztec power food in its new breakfast cereals in March 2017.

The competition in the international breakfast cereals market is foreseen to be intensified because of the availability of more opportunities and several companies operating in the industry. With a view to appeal to a larger consumer base, companies could look to further improve the nutritional value of their products with the use of natural raw materials. Usually consumed along with yogurt, nuts, and milk, breakfast cereals are produced from processed grains. There are generally five stages of production – processing, mixing, extruding, drying, and shaping. Also coated with frosting or chocolate prior to drying them, breakfast cereals could be puffed, shredded, or flaked.

Over the course of the forecast tenure, Europe and North America are envisaged to demonstrate a substantial demand for breakfast cereals in the coming years. However, these regions might soon see their markets reaching to a saturation point. With new products launched, increasing interest in ready-to-eat foods, and improving per capita incomes of the population therein, Asia Pacific is projected to present a whole new terrain for growth powered by market expansion. The global market for hot cereals could witness a greater growth in the near future because of an increasing preference in Singapore, Thailand, and South Korea.

The worldwide breakfast cereals market could witness the presence of top companies such as Kellogg Co., Cereal Partners Worldwide (CPW), and PepsiCo Inc. Apart from the aforementioned strategies, the competitive landscape of the market could be shaped by the exploration of untapped regions, product diversification, and mergers and acquisitions.

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Author: Rohit Bhisey

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