Brass Rods Market Poised to Attract High Growth with Rising Demand for Low-friction Materials

The global brass rods market is foreseen in a report by Transparency Market Research (TMR) to gain a whole lot of demand because of the rising requirement of low-friction materials. Titled “Brass Rods Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2017 – 2025,” the publication offers an encyclopedic evaluation of key segments of the market. The demand could further augment in the near future as the requirement of high-strength and lightweight precision equipment continues to increase at a significant rate. Brass is typically used for manufacturing a few parts of appliances, ship components, and precision instruments. The metallic alloy boasts of high mechanical strength and wear resistance.

Brass rods flaunting high corrosion resistance and conductivity are engaged for the purpose of manufacturing a range of electronic and electric components. In comparison with other metal rods, brass rods are said to exhibit superior drilling and cutting performance, thus proving their high requirement in a number of electronic products. While these could enhance the growth of the world brass rods market, more positive factors are anticipated to showcase their prominence in the coming years. The sales of brass rods could be positively reflected upon due to their high durability and anti-corrosion property compared to iron.

On the basis of application, the world brass rods market is foretold to see a classification into valves, electronic components, plumbing fittings, valve stems and seats, and fasteners. The growing need to prevent the spoilage of valves and reduce friction is predicted to increase the application of brass of rods for manufacturing valve stems and valves. By type, the market could be segregated into special and ordinary brass rods. Since special brass rods find a significant demand in the manufacture of valves and valve components, they are expected to collect a telling share of the market.

Brass valves are found to be appropriate to stay in contact with various types of fluid materials and withstand more pressure. Thus, fluid-handling manufacturing units are projected to highly raise the demand for brass valves. Regionally, the international brass rods market could witness the dominance of North America as a leading segment. The region is prognosticated to take advantage of the propelling demand for brass rods to control friction in automobiles. The production of cars could gain a boost owing to the increase in their purchase as a result of rising disposable of customers in Canada and the U.S.

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Germany could hold a handsome share of the Europe brass rods market in the foreseeable future. The region is prophesied to bank on the presence of several automotive companies and its reputation as a leading supplier of automobiles across the globe. Some of the prominent players of the global market are Copper Development Association Inc., RS Components Ltd., and Wieland-Werke AG.

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