Brain Activity While Resting Clues about Intelligence

A study published in a journal which is peer-reviewed and Brain Imaging and Behaviour, says that the degree of language recall and results of memory executive function tests in the geriatrics is associated with the brain activity while resting and not working.

To uncover the fascinating truth, a team of scientists from the Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing at UNSW Sydney leveraged MRI images of the brain in healthy adults between 73 and 90 years of age. The images were take while the participants had their eyes closed and were not thinking of anything. The elderly participants were tested to see if they were capable of carrying out three widespread neuropsychological tests, conducted by psychology graduates who have been trained.

In Resting Stage Brain Functions Differ in Individuals

As per the lead researcher, to an extent, the brain in humans is pre-determined to perform poorly or well in testing. However, in the resting stage, the brains differ from one another and it is not an even playing field. In case of activities seen in particular networks of the brain even when the person is relaxed, then that particular individual is predisposed to perform relatively well in various activities that depend on that network.

Earlier, the same kind of research focused on particular regions of the brain. However, this particular one scrutinized 3D “voxel” images of the entire brain. This resulted in not limiting the outcome depending on knowledge gained previously.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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