Bosch Technology Breakthrough to Save Future of Diesel with NOx Emission Cuts

Robert Bosch GmbH is positioning its newly developed diesel-exhaust system as a solution to nitrogen oxides (NOx) problem. Its engineers said that the diesel technology could significantly reduce emissions lower than legal limits to be implemented in the next two years. In order to bring down transient NOx peaks, the engine’s air flow management is combined with revised fuel injection and provided with finer control, said automotive editor of Ars Technica, Jonathan Gitlin. This is called high and low-pressure exhaust gas recirculation. According to The Insider Car News’ observation, diesel vehicles equipped with this latest technology will remain affordable, though being classed as low-emission ones.

Diesel Engines Lead to Environmentally-friendly Autos Sold at Competitive Prices

As per Bosch, NOx pollution threatening our health is cut to 13 mg/km with the involvement of exhaust emissions treatment technology, which is fairly below the 120 mg of current legal limit. Available with 30% greater efficiency compared to gasoline, diesel is counted among the most energy dense fuels; it remains as a leading environment-friendly alternative to gasoline, said Matt Piotrowski in The Fuse. Piotrowski also said that it remains a viable chunk of a broader tactic to reduce oil dependence. Total petrol consumption could still be reduced with the use of diesel as an effective tool, despite the continued fallout of the 2015 scandal and its behavior, continued Piotrowski.

Whether you drive as a loon or poodle along, or on motorways or in urban areas, diesel could dramatically cut NOx levels, observed The Insider Car News.

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