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The global blood warmers market is expected to be driven by a surge in surgical operations throughout the world, as well as an increase in the number of people killed in car accidents. In the near future, increased demand for IV/blood warmers from military/defense and ambulatory services sectors is likely to propel expansion of the market. Hypothermia is one of the leading causes of death in individuals who have suffered physical trauma.

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Surgical Procedures Requiring Transplantations and Implants to Generate Demand for Blood Warmers

The threat of death is increased by circumstances such as blood loss owing to shock or injury, harsh environment conditions, outbreak of infectious disease, physical trauma, natural disasters, and hypothermia produced by infusion of cold-stored blood/IV. In the US, it has been discovered that around 75 % of IV-induced hypothermia instances happen in ambulatory settings, out of a few million occurrences. Since 2010, portable blood/IV warmers have noticed an increase in demand in the countries of EU (the European Union) and the US to reduce the danger of blood caused hypothermia. This factor is likely to augur well for the expansion of the global blood warmers market in the forthcoming years. 

In addition, many surgical procedures include implants and transplantation that must be kept at temperatures much below body temperature so as to prevent microbial infection. The use of such implants has been shown to lower the patient’s body temperature, necessitating the use of patient heating equipment. Furthermore, weaker individuals have a harder time controlling their body temperature, necessitating the use of body warming equipment to aid recovery and lower the risk of problems. As such, the demand in the global blood warmers market is expected to rise on the back of such factors. Increased demand for both non-portable and portable blood warmer equipment is also been driven by increased surgical operations worldwide. These technologies assist surgeons to sustain an optimal patient body temperature and reduce the danger of surgical hypothermia.

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