Blockchain Technology could enable secure communications for robotic applications

If a group of autonomous drones is equipped with advanced sensing equipment to search to fly above the Sierra Nevada Mountains how would it appear? If the drones group spots a wildfire, the leader robots have a sway for directions on a swarm of firefighting drones that propel to the location of the blaze.

How if one or more lead robots was hacked by a malicious agent and began transmitting incorrect directions? This would lead follower robots to be lead farther from the fire to become difficult for them to know if they have been misled.

Meanwhile, the use of blockchain technology as a communication instrument for a team of robots could extend security and safeguard against breach, according to researchers at MIT and Polytechnic University, Madrid. The research is also likely to have applications in multirobot systems of self driving cars to deliver goods ad move people across towns.

In fact, a blockchain provides a tamper-resistant record of all transactions. For example, in this case it is the message issued by robot team leaders so that followers can eventually detect inconsistencies in the information string.

For practical purposes, leaders use tokens for signal of movements and add transaction to the chain. This is also to forfeit the tokens if caught in a lie so that the transaction-based communication system puts a limit on the number of lies a hacked robot could transmit, according to the lead author of the paper.

Beyond the discourse, the world of blockchain about cryptocurrency has many things under the hood that can create novel ways of fabricating security protocols.

By function, typically, a blockchain is used as a secure ledger for cryptocurrencies, it is a list of data structures in its essence. The objective of each block is to store information that is meant to be stored.  

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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