Blockchain could power Supply Chain Management of PPE

In the midst of COVID-19 ravaging the planet, it is frontline care providers who are facing the brunt, and have been subject to immense risks. This is a consequence of poor federal planning for a public health emergency and mismanaged allocation of resources. Whilst personal protective equipment is needed for all essential workers, it is particularly important for hospital and other care settings.

Unfortunately, due to critical shortage of protective equipment, hospitals had to ask health caregivers to reuse single-use ones for days and even weeks. In this scenario, on March 17, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggested it would be safe for healthcare providers to use homemade masks, such as scarf and bandana as the last resort for care of COVID-19 patients. Meanwhile, the need for nurses to wear bandanas in place of surgical masks and ponchos in place of gowns is inexcusable.

Critical Shortage of PPE poses Real Risk for Healthcare Workers

“In the current scenario, without secure supply chains, there lies real risk for healthcare workers around the world,” stated Director General, World Health Organization. “To address this, industry and governments must come quickly come up with a plan to boost supply, to ease export restrictions, and to put measures in place to stop speculation and hoarding. The protection of healthcare workers is first to stop COVID-19.”

Sadly, some healthcare workers succumbed to CIVID-19, which, in some cases, could be due to lack of personal protective equipment and safe working conditions.

Meanwhile, in normal times, hospitals try to maintain margins and expand profits. It is seen as a wasteful practice to stockpile personal protective equipment, most of which, is eventually disposed due to expiration dates.

Nonetheless, in a crisis like COVID-19, it reiterates running out or such critical equipment can have dangerous risks.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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